9-Year-Old Girl Survives Double Pneumonia; Now Her Voice is Inspiring Thousands

Angelica Hale is a rising star in the music world and she’s only 9 years old. After her appearance on America’s Got Talent, everyone, including the judges, agrees that this little girl with this powerful voice is extremely talented. However, despite her success, life hasn’t always been wonderful for her and her family.

Angelica’s Story

When Angelica was 4 years old, a persistent cough turned very quickly into a serious illness. Within a week her parents noticed that their daughter was getting very sick, so they decided to take her to the emergency room. Angelica was so sick that she had to go on life support and fight for her life.

Angelica’s cough ended up being double pneumonia and, on top of that, her kidney stopped working and she was in need of a transplant. Fortunately, her mom was a match and gladly donated her kidney to save her daughter’s life. Angelica thinks of her mom as her hero because thanks to her she is healthy and able to travel around the country and sing to raise money for children’s hospitals. “Angelica has a very unique special gift and now she has this platform where she can use her gift and talents to help other children,” says her dad.

This gift is what brought her on the stage of America’s Got Talent where she wowed everyone singing Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’. Angelica was incredibly sweet and had a big smile on from the moment she stepped on stage. When she started singing, the judges were absolutely shocked, the audience couldn’t stop cheering as she flawlessly sang, and her parents were very proud and emotional as they watched their little girl being incredible.

Angelica proved that you can not only overcome life’s hardships, but you can also turn your experience into something positive by going after your dreams and helping other people in need.

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