Sweet and Savory, Appetite-Suppressing Almond Milk Latte (3 ingredients, no dairy or refined sugar)

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This Sweet Iced Almond Milk Latte, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, is made with just three Paleo-friendly ingredients!

This Sweet Iced Latte will cool you off on a warm day. Made with only 3 ingredients, this drink contains zero refined sugars and dairy. Instead, you’ll be using organic almond milk (coconut milk works too) with stevia to give it a boost of sweetness without giving you the sugar crash.

Making this iced latte takes less than five minutes, saving you time and money. There’s no fancy equipment necessary. Just brew your favorite coffee and adjust the strength of your brew to your taste buds. If you want an extra kick, swap in espresso shots and balance the latte out by adding more almond milk.

Once your coffee is ready, let it cool down before transferring to a large glass jar filled with ice. Sweeten with stevia then pour almond milk over it for a cool, ombre effect. Grab a straw and drink up!

Enjoy your Sweet Iced Latte in the morning when you wake up, or as a late afternoon pick-me-up!

Simply Sweet 3-Ingredient Almond Milk Latte

Recipe by: Megan Olson

Total Time: 5 Minutes

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Serves: 1

This Sweet Iced Almond Latte, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, is made with just three Paleo-friendly ingredients!


  • Glass mug


  • 1 cup organic almond milk

  •  1 cup strong black coffee

  •  1-2 drops liquid stevia

  • ½ cup ice cubes


  1. Place the ice cubes in a glass mug with coffee and add liquid stevia.

  2.  Pour the unsweetened almond milk over the coffee.

  3.  Drink up!

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