In THIS Amazing City, People Live With No Politics, No Religion and No Money!

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In THIS Amazing City, People Live With No Politics, No Religion and No Money!

Imagine a world that lived religion free, where politics didn’t even cross the inhabitant’s minds, and money was of no value. It seems a far cry from our consumer based world we live in today, where a majority of what we do or say revolves around the moral grounds of religion, the amount of money in our pockets or the impending rules of politics.

Your imagination doesn’t have to work for very much longer. Explore with us, inside the unbelievable world of Auroville and its yearning for peace and equality.

Who Began Auroville?

Mirra Alfassa, AKA ‘Mother,’ was the founder and inspiration of the incredible city or Auroville. She worked hard to create a society that solely co-depended on the land and each other. She met a man called Aurobindo who was a major influence on her life and the beginning of Auroville. Alfassa truly believed that ‘For those who are satisfied with the world as it is, Auroville obviously has no reason to exist.’ To read more about ‘The Mother,’ one of her disciples has written an in-depth account of his time with her, find it here.

Watch the video below to hear ‘The Mother’ herself speaking of our beloved world.



Founded in 1968, Auroville is a city hailed by UNESCO as being ‘an international cultural township designed to bring together the values of different cultures and civilizations in a harmonious environment.’ It has over 50 nationalities and cultures, living together in peace. Located in India, 150km from Chennai, Madras, Auroville is truly a sight like no others.

Auroville concentrates on developing a reuse and recycle system that has ‘people-friendly technologies, eco-friendly farms which do not
destroy the Mother Earth, income generating industrial units which do not pollute the air‘ states Mr. S.K Tripathy, the secretary of state for India.

With 15 farms spaced out over 150 acres, Auroville is the epitome of self-sustainability. The villagers and neighbors live off the food they produce, with cornfields, fruit trees, and orchards, the city can feed over 350 people on their produce.

Auroville is a clear, bright example of how we can all change our lives, even in the slightest way, to benefit from a more eco-friendly way of life. The people work as one, in unison, and as an outsider looking in it is clear that the rules work and the people are at peace.

A life of peace, a life of happiness and a life without boundaries. Think about what your opinions on Auroville are and whether or not you could fit into their lifestyle. Or why not start from the bottom and begin a more eco-friendly life of your own from the comfort of your own home by growing these healing herbs- here’s how!

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