How One Woman Went from Weighing 657 Pounds and Not Being Able to Walk, to Looking Like This

Whether you have actually watched the show or not, you’ve probably at least heard of the TLC show My 600 Pound Life. This reality TV series follows the lives of people with extreme obesity: Their backstory and how they got to where they are, their daily lives, and their struggles to do simple tasks such as bathing, cooking, and driving. What we often don’t see is what happens to the subjects after the cameras are off.

While not every person on the show is able to turn their lives around, for some it is a wake up call and a turning point to getting their lives back. This couldn’t be more true for Amber Rachdi, who was the subject of the kick-off show for season 3. Since filming the episode in 2014, the now 26-year old has lost over 400 pounds and gained a new sense of confidence and purpose.

Amber Rachdi’s Story

Amber’s episode was filmed in 2014 and aired in 2015. The then 23-year old’s weight had reached 657 pounds, and simple things like walking more than a few feet were nearly impossible. She couldn’t drive, as she could barely fit in a car, she couldn’t shower or bath herself and instead had to use a scrub brush to get clean. She was completely miserable.

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Though she expressed in the show that she had doubts as to whether she would ever be able to change her health for the better, after her episode aired, she decided to take action. In the three years since filming, Amber has completely changed her life.

Amber’s Transformation

Due to her contract with TLC, Amber can’t actually disclose how much she weighs at this time. However, in a conversation with a fan on her Facebook page, she mentioned how excited she was when she reached 250 pounds, and has lost more since then. So how did she manage to lose over 400 pounds?

First, Amber worked hard to change some of her eating habits and daily physical activity in order to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, she continued making positive changes to continue on her weight loss journey. She spoke candidly about her experience with gastric bypass in a Q&A on her page, but most importantly, she expressed how gastric bypass is an aid, not a solution, for major weight loss.

“I think it’s [gastric bypass surgery] a great tool for the temporary impact it has on the leptin cycle, stomach capacity, and insulin secretion processes of the body. I think mostly what it does is buy an overweight person time to learn new habits, get into therapy, and learn to make better choices on their own. Tons of folks need revision if they don’t focus their energy on learning new skills while the surgery is super restrictive.” Amber said while responding to fan’s questions on her page.

Amber has changed her approach to food, focusing on balanced, home-cooked meals and snacks, as well as sticking to a regular exercise routine. She has received much support from her fans, as well as from her family and friends. The biggest message she wants people to hear is that it is never too late to turn your life around and get healthy again. No matter how much weight you have to lose, you can do it, as long as you are dedicated, focused, and approach weight loss as a lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet.

If you have any questions for Amber, you can reach her via her Facebook page, where she fields questions from her fans about her surgery, what it was like going through such a huge transformation in the public eye, treatment from doctors, her current lifestyle (diet and exercise routine), and how she regained confidence in herself and her body.

At the Hearty Soul, we would like to congratulate Amber on her incredible lifestyle change and her choice to start living a full, healthy life. We hope that her story will encourage others who are struggling with their own weight loss to take control of their health and prove that they, too, can change their lives, no matter how far gone they think they are.

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