This Campfire Charges Your Phone, Produces Zero Smoke And Is Completely Eco-Friendly!

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This Campfire Charges Your Phone, Produces Zero Smoke And Is Completely Eco-Friendly!

Although many people think of the camping experience as a way to escape from technology, seasoned campers usually carry around one piece of modern equipment just in case of emergencies. Whether it be flashlights for when the fire goes out, or your cell phone to contact help in case an accident happens, bringing technology during treks in the wild is a wise, and sometimes necessary, safety precaution.

Aside from just bringing these things with you, you will also need something to ensure that they are able to work. Thankfully, the people at BioLite came up with an innovative new creation that can act as your stove, campfire and portable charger all in one! And the best things about it is that it’s completely self-sufficient, meaning whatever you put into it, you get out of it.

The BioLite CampStove

The CampStove allows campers to sit around the fire, cook food and charge their electric equipment at the same time.

The only fuel required for the CampStove are pieces of wood, sticks and twigs that can be collected around any common forested areas. This makes it less expensive and more eco-friendly than common gas stoves that most people use for camping.

Another eco-friendly aspect of the CampStove is the fact that it produces zero smoke. BioLite has used this aspect of their creation to start a variety of initiatives in countries where smokey wood fires are used to cook food. This further helps the environment and the people suffering from the health effects of this high rate of smoke production.

The CampStove has a built-in USB port to charge a variety of electronic devices. Setting it up is simple, and the stove itself is about the size of a water bottle, making it excellent for backpacking, hiking, portaging and many other outdoor activities.

Although they go for a bit over $100, people who camp regularly will still be saving money due to the fact that fuel for the CampStove is completely free! The money going towards this product not only provides you with an environmentally friendly source of fire and electricity, but it also goes towards initiatives meant to help those in need in countries where many basic living benefits are not available.

To learn more about BioLite, their products and their mission you can visit their website here.

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