This ceviche is perfect for a night snack or even a full meal. The grapefruit in this ceviche really helps your food digest which will initiate weight loss.

ultimate cutting board

The Ultimate Cutting Board shown in this recipe just shows you how easy cooking can be. With your all in one cooking station ready to go, you can make a whole meal and serve it without even looking for another utensil.



       1 white fish filet
       3 large shrimp poached and chilled
       4 to 5 scallops
       1 large grapefruit
       half jalapeño deseeded
       3 to 4 small radish sliced
       3 cloves of garlic
       juice of a full lime
       1/2 cup mint
       1/2 cup cilantro
       grated ginger to taste
       salt and pepper to taste



Poach shrimp quickly set aside.
Cut the scallops and fish in small pieces.


Place all sea food into a bowl.
Juice one lime. Pour into bowl.
Salt and pepper.
Place in refrigerator while proceeding with the next steps. (This lets you do other things while the citrus of the lime can “cook” the fish.)




Peel grapefruit and separate
Slice radish
Deseed jalapeno and mince / or slice in half with seed in for a more spicer pallet
Slice garlic
Have your mint and cilantro and ginger ready
(Don’t forget to discard your produce waste in your Ultimate Cutting Board drawer)


Remove fish from refrigerator

Mix everything together

Grate ginger into bowl


MIX everything together



Place on serving side of the board, separate the board and serve.

ultimate cutting board


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