12 quick and easy hairstyle tutorials that may just change every woman’s life

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12 quick and easy hairstyle tutorials that may just change every woman’s life

Women’s lives are getting busier and busier. We are working, going to school, raising families, trying to stay active and healthy, and maintain some semblance of a social life. We aren’t left with much time to spend on making our hair perfect every day, despite societal pressure to look cute 24/7.

It’s easy to feel jealous of our male counterparts who can stick their head under the shower, shake it off and be good to go. We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy styling hacks for the lazy girl in all of us who’d rather sleep an extra 30 minutes than have an impeccable ‘do on the daily. With these tricks, you can have the best of both worlds!

12 Ten-minute-or-less Hairstyles

1. 5-minute High Bun

2. Cute Ponytail Twist

3. One-Minute Top Knot

4. 10-Minute, No-Heat Stretch for Natural Hair

5. 8 Quick Box Braid Hairstyles

6. The Faux-Braid

7. 2 Easy Braids for Short Cuts

8. Textured Pony for Day-Old Curls

9. Overnight Wave/Curls, 5 Ways

10. 3 Styles for Short, Natural Hair

11. Twisty Bun

12. 4 Easy Headband Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair

Thanks to all of these creative hair experts, you can look cute without spending an hour on your hair each morning, leaving you with more time for yourself. You can fit in that early morning workout, use the extra hour to get ahead of your workload, prep ingredients for a healthy dinner or the day’s lunch…. or snag that extra hour of shut-eye you’ve always wanted!

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