Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight By Slimming Down Your Fridge

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Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight By Slimming Down Your Fridge

Sometimes, when you’re feeling lazy, you have to trick your brain into making healthy decisions. How you organize your fridge can determine whether you pack on the pounds or look good in your bikini.


Put Healthy Snack Pairings Together

You’re more likely to eat healthy if the healthy stuff is already prepared. For example, slice some apples and portion some almond butter and keep them beside each other in your fridge. It will be a more desirable snack option when it’s already made.

Put Your Herbs On Display

Everybody loves fresh ingredients. Wilted herb leaves may tempt you to use salt as your flavor booster instead. Putting your cooking herbs like parsley and cilantro in some water and covering them with a plastic bag will keep them fresh and make you want to use them.

Portion High Fat Foods

Smaller portion sizes of chocolate and avocado will help you satisfy your cravings without overeating. More often, our bodies just need to taste these foods rather than load up on them.

See No Evil, Eat No Evil

Healthy foods can be useful barriers when you hide your unhealthy foods, like lasagna leftovers, in an opaque container and behind them. In this situation, the evil you don’t see is a lot better than the evil you can.

Measure Those Grains!

How do you know how much quinoa to portion from your pre-cooked batch? Keep a half-cup measuring cup nearby to maintain a healthy portion size.

Get Some Jarred Veggies

If you have no fresh produce, jarred vegetables like peppers and beets are a great addition to soups and salads and require zero prep time. There’s no excuse to skip out on your veggies now!

Choose Hard Cheeses

As mentioned before, we value convenience very highly. Buying hard cheeses will force you to shred them on your own, which A) makes you very conscious about how much cheese you’re using, and B) might discourage you from wanting to use cheese to begin with!

Date Your Produce

No, don’t take them out to dinner. Write the date on your produce so you know how long it’s been in your fridge. You’ll be more likely to use them if you know your produce will soon go to waste.

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