Burn 1 cm off your belly fat by drinking 2 cups a day of this powerful remedy

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Tea For Belly Fat

Burn 1 cm off your belly fat by drinking 2 cups a day of this powerful remedy

This article is brought to you by Wild Leaf Active Tea, a company dedicated to providing purposeful, benefit-rich blends made from high-quality organic ingredients from the best tea gardens in the world. Save 20% when you buy 2 or more teas by entering the code THS20 at checkout before January 28th. 

As we enter into a new year many of us are struggling to get back on track after an indulgent holiday season! Being around family and friends can be a blessing, but constantly being surrounded by festive treats, eggnog, alcohol, your mother’s killer ginger snap cookies, and every snack in between is a weight gain curse.

One of the easiest ways to get back on track and help shed pounds is by drinking a hot cup of tea every single day – and no, this doesn’t mean an orange pekoe! The key is to pick a potent and medicinal tea blend that has been formulated for fat burning. Often, they contain a mixture of fat-burning herbs that help boost metabolism, reduce cravings and beat bloating. For example, the DETOX and SLIM from Wild Leaf Active Tea are two ideal choices.

Keep reading to find out the therapeutic benefit of these medicinal herbs and how they can help you reach your goals.
Wild Leaf Active Tea - Slim

Burn Fat + Kill Cravings

Post-holiday sugar overload is a classic cause for our cravings to be at an all time high.  We’ve thrown our blood sugar levels around like a hot potato which can significantly impact our ability to beat belly fat. By bringing blood sugar levels back into balance with diet and some helpful herbs we can get cravings back down for faster weight loss.

Here are some great herbs to help regulate blood sugar:

Pu’erh Tea

  • Made from the same leaf as green tea, pu’erh is naturally fermented which produces micro-organisms which combine with other compounds that have been shown to be particularly beneficial for lowering cholesterol and fat burning. (7)

Fennel Seed

  • Fennel seed has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and cravings similar to cinnamon. It’s also a great digestion aid. (8)

Ginseng Root

  • This is another adaptogenic herb that also helps regulate blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity, and has anti-obesity properties. (9)

Suggestions: Wild Leaf Active Tea’s SLIM blend has a powerful combo of pu’erh, fennel seed, and ginseng to help you blast belly fat, curb pesky cravings, and speed up your metabolism!

You can also consume fennel seeds in their whole form or both fennel and ginseng as a dietary supplement for therapeutic benefit.

Flatten Your Belly

Sometimes those love handles aren’t just belly fat. In fact, excess water retention and gas can be a large reason for feeling like you’ve put on extra weight. The key is to help your body improve its ability to clear fluids, toxins, and waste so that you can lean out and get back to a flatter belly.

An easy and gentle way to get things moving is by using medicinal herbs such as stinging nettle and coriander to help encourage elimination and detoxification.

Stinging Nettle

  • Acting primarily as a diuretic to help with bloating, nettles are a nutritive herb that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for a range of ailments.  Their medicinal benefits included reducing pain and inflammation (1), premenstrual bloating, and helping relieve the early symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) (2,3).

  • Nettles act as a diuretic to help promote urine excretion as well potentially improve insulin sensitivity (4)

Note: Some people may be allergic to nettles or may have some contraindications with prescription medications. Check with your doctor before consuming!


  • You may know this common culinary herb by it’s more common name: cilantro!

  • Coriander also promotes increased urination as a diuretic, as well as some potential detoxification benefits such as clearing heavy metals (5)

  • In a study performed in rats, they found that coriander was able to reduce blood sugar rates as well meaning it may be helpful for cravings! (6)

Suggestions: Our friends at Wild Leaf Active Tea have created a DETOX blend that has a bloat-banishing combination of both nettle and coriander as well as tummy soothing ginger, and a pinch of cinnamon to help curb cravings.

You can also consume these herbs individually as a tincture, or as a dietary supplement for therapeutic benefit.

Wild Leaf Active Tea - Detox

Selecting The Perfect Tea Blend

Although you can make tea out of each herb individually, well-crafted blends such as the ones mentioned above give you a synergistic blend of multiple ingredients for maximum effects! It’s important to keep in mind that not all teas are created equal, especially when it comes to quality.

Here are some tips on picking the best tea blends:

  • Go organic: Look for organic ingredients to help eliminate pesticide exposure and maximize therapeutic goodness.  

  • Say no to ‘tea dust’: Select brands that use loose-leaf or loose-packed whole leaf tea; they are made with higher quality ingredients that have their medicinal properties preserved.  Loosely-packed tea also gives the tea “room to brew,” so even more of its healing qualities can be extracted.

  • Combine the right ingredients: Look for blends that have ingredients that support each other. Herbs that have similar and/or supporting effects work well in combination to give you a well-rounded formula. 

Your 3-Step Belly Flattening Plan

For four weeks set aside some time to make the following simple changes to your daily routine to help curb cravings, reduce bloating, and lean out.

To keep things simple focus on these key changes:

  • 3 cups of medicinal tea/day

  • Taking a daily multi-strain probiotic

  • 20-30 min walk/day

  • 8 hours of sleep/night

  • 1.5-2L of water/day

Sample Daily Routine


  • 1 cup of Wild Leaf Active Tea’s SLIM

  • Take a multistrain probiotic (Tip: ask your local naturopathic doctor for the best probiotic for you)


  • Take a 20-30 min, brisk walk to get your circulation going and improve energy levels.

  • 1 cup of Wild Leaf Active Tea’s SLIM


  • 1 cup decaffeinated Wild Leaf Tea’s DETOX blend before bed

  • Don’t skimp on sleep! Set a routine time to go to bed and don’t waiver.

    • Aim for 8 hours each night and no phones in bed either!

Additional Tips:

  • Additionally avoiding refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and processed foods while increasing your veggies, water intake, and activity levels will all help you to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce bloating.

  • Remember to hydrate! Get yourself a big water bottle you love and carry it around with you all day, sipping all throughout the morning and afternoon.

  • Slow down when eating meals to improve digestion — when in doubt it should take you no less than 20 min to finish a meal!

  • Take it one step at a time and don’t make too many changes at once or you’ll have a hard time sticking to the new changes.

Take this new year as an amazing opportunity to start working towards your weight loss goals and a flatter belly! Getting cravings under control and getting rid of bloating can be easy with these amazing teas and simple plan above.



Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or taking any new herbs/supplements. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription.

This article is brought to you by Wild Leaf Active Tea, a company dedicated to providing purposeful, benefit-rich blends made from high-quality organic ingredients from the best tea gardens in the world. Save 20% when you buy 2 or more teas by entering the code THS20 at checkout before January 28th.

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