IKEA Opens “Dog Parking Lot” to Keep Dogs Out of Hot Cars

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Recently we have posted a number of stories about the dangers of leaving animals in hot cars, and now we are happy to report that someone has come up with a solution.

At an IKEA location in Cologne, Germany they are testing a new idea, the “dog parking lot,” which is a safe area where dogs can hang out while their owners are shopping in the store.

Each dog has its own space, with fake grass, water and a secure place to tie a leash

While there have not been any pet facilities to open in other areas, the company is planning to hopefully implement this idea worldwide.

Last week we reported that a new state law in Tennesse protects citizens from being sued if they are freeing a pet from a hot car.

Professional football player Tyrann Mathieu recently locked himself in a hot car to simulate what the experience is like for a dog. The demonstration was a part of a public service announcement to raise awareness about how dangerous a hot car can be for any living creature.

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