New Jersey to make it legal to use medical marijuana for period cramps

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New Jersey to make it legal to use medical marijuana for period cramps

Lawmakers of New Jersey have officially announced a new piece of legislation that could make that time of the month a less painful, irritable and annoying. Yup, the state of New Jersey has become a trailblazer in relieving women’s monthly menstrual cramps…with marijuana.

Women’s Menstrual Cramps Enter the Political Arena

The Bill was introduced in April 2016 by the United States Democratic Assembly. This official announcement marked the first American state to introduce cannabis in a governmental policy for the relief of painful and uncomfortable symptoms that accompany women’s reproductive menstrual cycle. According to a news release set forth by the Democratic Assembly, this policy action was initiated with famous actress, Whoopi Goldberg, collaboration with a maker of organic marijuana edibles specifically targeted for menstrual pain relief.

Goldberg has teamed up with edibles manufacturer Maya Elisabeth to launch an exclusive line, complete with THC-infused products such as bath salts and chocolate. According to Goldberg, these products will be available in California, with a doctor’s authorization.

To date, New Jersey law states that marijuana is strictly limited for the medicinal relief of a short list of ailments, like terminal cancer and muscular dystrophy. Evidently, medical marijuana is tightly regulated and highly restrictive. This highly contested issue has reached an impediment by the Chris Christie administration, faced with “arbitrary and unnecessary” obstructions.

Representative Angelica Jimenez notes, “For many women, the response to pain [that is] so severe that it causes them to vomit or faint is either, ‘Just deal with it,’ or a prescription drug that may not even alleviate their symptoms.”


The National Cannabis Industry Association’s deputy director, Taylor West, addressed this policy initiative, stating that she was unaware of any state that explicitly included cramps as a viable ailment, qualifiable for medical marijuana treatment. Pleasantly surprised, West contends that this is a milestone in both gender equality and the destigmatization of medical marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana and Pain Relief: Scientific Proof

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is derived from the hemp plant. Both its flowers and leaves contain a chemical compound, known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, responsible for positive benefits of marijuana use. While cannabis has become a highly contested social and political issue, the science is in…with proof that this natural, environmentally-derived plant has a long list of benefits. To boot, contrary to popular belief, there are little to no negative side effects and an exceptionally low likelihood of addiction.

A small taste of the current research medical marijuana for pain relief:

  • Study conducted Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health: patients reported 64% average decreases in chronic pain after using cannabis – as compared to conventional opioids and other widely available pain medications.

  • Journal of Pain study: Low and medium doses of vaporized cannabis drastically reduced neuropathic pain.

  • Study by Canadian Medical Association Journal: Smoked cannabis three times daily reduced intensity and duration of pain.

  • Pain Journal: Cannabis-based medicines produce significant improvements in pain severity and sleep in patients

  • Pain Journal: Patients consistently report improved pain, sleep and mood after cannabis use

As you can see, medical marijuana has been long celebrated as an effective, natural and safe means to chronic pain and other related issues. Menstrual cramps, by all means, qualify as a painful and often debilitating experience – with many women turning to over-the-counter prescriptions for relief. A simple switch to medical marijuana, by no exaggeration, could drastically improve the quality of life for women suffering from menstrual cramps.


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