This 3 year old inhaled a popcorn kernel – 6 months later, doctors had to pull her life support

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This 3 year old inhaled a popcorn kernel – 6 months later, doctors had to pull her life support

Tragedy can strike at any moment. Our lives are so fragile; anything could mean the end. But it’s even more tragic when it happens to someone in their prime, a young person, who doesn’t deserve anything bad to happen to them. Enjoying life one moment, and then to be taken from us the next, it’s all very unfortunate.

But that is the magic of life, we all don’t know when it’s going to be our last moment. We all live every day like nothing is going to happen, but when it finally does, we are always caught off guard. That’s exactly what happened to Mirranda Grace Lawson. Her family was enjoying their time together one moment, and then the next they were swept up in a whirlwind of tragedy and sadness.

When time stops

In the case of Mirranda, it was something as minuscule as a popcorn kernel that changed everything. It all started on a fabulous day her entire family was at home celebrating her mother’s, Alison, birthday. They spent a joyful day together enjoying each others company when the celebration was drawing to a close and tragedy struck. Mirranda ran into the living room eyes huge, and no sounds were coming from her. Time seemed to stop as the family looked on horrified. Then she fell to the ground, her father swept her mouth, and there was nothing, then he started CPR.

Something in her windpipe


When the ambulance got there, Mirranda’s heart had stopped. There was nothing in her mouth, but evidently, something was lodged deep in her windpipe, in this case, it was a piece of popcorn that was cutting off her air. Emergency medical services managed to get Mirranda’s heart pumping once more. But the family had no way of knowing what kind of damage had been done. She was transferred to the hospital and put on ventilators; her family hoped she would pull through.

Life support


Not long after she was admitted to the hospital, the staff performed the brain death test and discovered that her body was still alive, but the sweet child was gone. The hospital planned to take Mirranda off of life support, but the Lawsons fought hard to give her more time. They ended up taking their fight to the Virginia court system, pleading for their daughter to have any chance, however small, to recover from tragedy.

The Lawsons footed a thirty thousand dollar bill to bring their petition to the State Supreme Court. However, time was passing, and Mirranda remained on life support. She was cared for by nurses and doctors who did their best for her.

Passing peacefully

Unfortunately, the courts never got to make a decision. Mirranda’s health deteriorated, and she passed away on her own six months after the incident. It’s so unfortunate to lose someone so young, and the family never stopped fighting for her chance to recover, but it seems that there was little that they could do. She only had a brief life, but her family will never forget her. It just goes to show us how fragile life really is.

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