A majestic swan was the latest victim in a string of of people killing animals for selfies. The swan died after a tourist had left it on a beach in Macedonia after dragging it from the lake in order to take a photograph with it.

The woman, who was reportedly a tourist from Bulgaria, grabbed the swan by the wing and dragged it onto the shoreline of Lake Ohrid, located in south-western Macedonia.

According to local media, after taking her picture with the swan she left it on the beach without making any attempt to aid it or look for help, where it remained motionless.


Pictures of the incident were posted to Facebook where they quickly went viral, causing global outrage. Many of those who posted comments on social media were shocked at the passiveness of the swan, and wondered how this woman was able to handle it to the point of death.


Witnesses reported that the swan did not react to the woman walking up to it, as they are used to the presence of tourists, before she grabbed the swan by the wing and pulled it out of the water.

Despite the swan showing visible signs of distress, the unidentified woman can be clearly shown smiling for the camera as she poses for a picture with it. Macedonia Online reports that the swan “remained motionless on the beach after the encounter,” and later died.



The is the latest incident in animals reportedly being killed due to people taking them out of their natural habitat and handling them roughly in order to take selfies. A story about a dolphin being by held by beach-goers in Argentina for selfies recently went viral after it was revealed that the dolphin had died of dehydration.


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