Posted on: March 10, 2017 at 3:51 pm
Last updated: November 23, 2017 at 11:45 am

For any mother who has a daughter, one of their greatest hopes is that they grow up to be like them (and hopefully even better)! Sometimes these mothers get what they want and more, like not only personality or character traits but looks as well!


Just because you’re growing older and maybe even looking older, we believe that you should embrace your motherhood. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that life can offer. Plus, your daughter is a testament to both your inner and outer beauty. You know what they say – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Speaking of which, you’ve got to see these mother-daughter duos who look alike!


13 Beautiful Mother-Daughter Lookalikes

1. Georgie Smedley, 44, (right) with her daughter Jazz, 21

Thanks @catalystpr_ !!! What a beautiful and generous gift! We love it so much we don't want to open it!

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These two get told that they look like sisters all the time from strangers and friends alike. But it was after Georgie Smedley lost weight with a gastric bypass in 2012 that she went from wearing baggy clothes to basically sharing her daughter’s wardrobe.

2. Model Yasmin Le Bon, 52, (right) with her daughter Amber, 27

This daughter has followed right in her mother’s footsteps. So much so that this mother-daughter modeling duo is even doing campaigns together now!


3. Model Jerry Hall, 60, (left) with her daughter Lizzy Jagger, 32

Actress and supermodel Jerry Hall poses with her daughter, Lizzy. Now try imagining her with blonde hair – can you tell who’s who at first glance?

4. Julia Bordovskih, 47, (right) with her daughter Masha, 18

Moments of love…moments to keep in ur heart…❤️ with my one and only Марусенька.. @maria_bordovskikh

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This mom is a journalist, writer, and TV presenter, but you can tell family comes first. If anyone is aging gracefully it’s these two because neither of them looks as old as they are! And if you can’t tell, this mother absolutely cherishes time with her no-so-little one.

5. The Mahomes sisters, 18, with their mother, Tina, 36 (center)

You may have seen this twins and their mom on one of Steve Harvey’s shows. But let’s be honest, they look more like triplets. You can follow the hashtag #momtwinandme to keep up with the trio!

6. Actress Xenia Rappoport, 42, (left) with her daughter Aglaya, 22

The daughter may not be an actress, but she’s as beautiful as her mother and could be with those genes. They look like they’re each taking a year off after university to travel Europe together.

7. Bayan Yessentayeva, 43, (right) with her daughter Aissaule, 20

This mother-daughter duo looks like a couple of sisters about to go on a roadtrip!

8. Jazmyne Wardell, 21, with her mother, Natalie, 45 (left)

If it weren’t for the ages we know of, we don’t know if we could tell who was older. This duo is proof that it’s never too late to have fun and there’s always a reason to get dressed up for a night on the town.

9. Ennis, 25, and Shantol, 26, with their mother, Althea, 41 (center)

Mumzy and Sis #BeachVibes

A post shared by Shantol Ennis (@shantol_17) on

Another set of “triplets” for the list. With comments like “your mum looks like she could be your sister,” I’m sure she’s happy to be aging so gracefully that strangers can’t tell them apart.

10. Actress Polina Maximova, 27, with her mother, Svetlana, 50 (left)

Life as an actress can be exhausting but I’m sure that if this daughter needs a day or two off, her mother could fill in for her. It’s crazy how similar these two look. You could even argue that the mother looks younger!

11. Rochelle Dale, 23, with her mother, Pav, 53 (left)

These two look ready for business! Even over the age of 50, this mother seems to be keeping up just fine with her daughter.

12. Amber Riley with her mother, Leslie (left)

We aren’t sure of their actual ages but this mother-daughter duo was a first-place winner of a mother and daughter lookalike contest in their home of Lubbock, Texas. And we can see exactly why.

13. Jaycee Kohl, 25, with her mother, Cindy Simmons, 50

These two women were also the winners of another mother-daughter lookalike contest! They also frequently get asked if they’re sisters whenever they go out in public.

Do you and your daughter look the same?

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