Posted on: January 27, 2017 at 3:59 pm
Last updated: September 22, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Motherhood is not a singular experience, the relationship between a mother and her child is unique and
only fully understood by those who share that inimitable bond. Nevertheless, there are certain situations that link moms across cultures into a common kinship of sorts, an unspoken language that cannot be translated for anyone who hasn’t been in their shoes. Here are 14 examples of such situations, guaranteed to unite moms who have experienced the pain and enormous beauty of being a mother.

1. Quiet time is a rare occurrence, so you cherish every second of it.

When you’re a mom, silence becomes as luxurious as wearing a mink coat (faux fur of course). Your regular days, so often filled with the chaotic noise of screaming kids and running water seem unending, but every so often you’ll land upon a still moment that lets you take a deep breath, and time for yourself. These fleeting moments of quiet are never too long however, and always end as soon as they begin!

2. Waking a sleeping baby is a death wish!

Once you’ve nursed your baby, changed their diaper, fed them, burped them, and finally put them to sleep, it’s truly a gratifying feeling. There’s something so heavenly about the way a baby sleeps, they appear blissful, lost in the realm of their dreams. So when someone dares break the peace, with even an accidental sneeze, it’s enraging!

3. Unexpected visitors are never welcome, even though you act like they are.

There’s always a second Aunt or distant relative that calls unexpectedly, mentioning that they’re in the neighborhood. While you pleasantly accept their imposed invitation, you spend the next 5 minutes in an absolute frenzy trying to order your messy home, cursing your inability to let the call go to voicemail!


4. You’ll never need a gym membership, because being a mom is a high-intensity cardio workout on its own.

Between vacuuming, folding laundry, and preparing meals, all while looking after your kid, you’ve definitely surpassed the recommended dose of daily physical activity. In fact, when strangers ask what you’ve been doing to stay so fit, you emphatically respond with, “being a mom!”.

5. You’re used to being underappreciated, so even the slightest expression of gratitude will leave you emotional.


As a mom, you’re expected to wear several hats, all at the same time at that! Things pile on your to-do list, and you’re accustomed to just doing them, so when your kid picks a flower from the garden and hands it to you, you become overwhelmed.

6. You’ve rummaged for change in your purse at the cashier and pulled out a broken crayon instead (or something equally as absurd).

You own at least one purse that’s large, slouchy, and ready for combat. From bandages, to granola bars, to unfinished tubes of lipstick, this purse is equipped for the apocalypse. Although, when it comes to finding change, or your wallet for that matter, it falls a little short!

7. You’ve always had to play bad cop when it came to parenting.

Whether it’s eating before dinner, staying out an extra hour, or wearing a t-shirt outside, you’re always the one to tell your kid no. You’ve gained this reputation as a nit-picky, control freak, while your partner is the relaxed, calm one, your kids come to for a laugh. It frustrates you a great deal, but on the flip side, you’re always who they call when they’re actually in a crisis.

8. No thermometer can replace placing your hand on your kid’s forehead to detect a cold.


The touch of your hand on their forehead is equally soothing for your kid and yourself, it’s become a kind of maternal impulse, no matter how old they are! The thermometer, however, is still the ultimate measure, and you do use it, but only after you’ve checked for yourself.


9. Breastfeeding is not an invitation for strangers to stare, yet for some reason they always do.

Breastfeeding doesn’t follow an organized schedule, that allows you to share an intimate experience with your kid in private. In fact, it’s often the most unexpected times that your kid’s hunger will call, or you’ll desperately need to pump. Every time this happens, though, at least one passerby will gawk at you, you’d think you’re wearing a neon sign on your head that says, “please stare”.

10. You’ll always feel judged…but eventually, you’ll learn to get over it.

Commercials will have you believing your crib is toxic, your baby formula lacks nutrients, and your stroller is ancient. Your own mother will sometimes side-eye your approaches to parenting, and you’ll inevitably compare yourself to other moms in your circle, constantly questioning whether you’re doing enough. Eventually, these feelings of ineptitude will subside, as you realize everyone has their own unique way of navigating being a mom!

11. You’ll come to the harsh realization that no matter how hard you try you can’t protect your child from everything, and you need to loosen the reins for them to grow

Every first your kid experiences will bring you enormous joy, but also be tinged with a minuscule sadness that they’re growing more and more independent of your help. One day you’ll tell your kid to do something, and they’ll be defiant, which isn’t a bad thing; it’s a sign they’re growing into their own person with their own worldview. As a mom, you’ll have to step back from being head coach to cheerleader which will be a difficult transition, but ultimately rewarding.

12. Childcare is expensive, so anyone that is willing to look after your kid(s) as a favor is God sent.


These people are angels.

13. On your worst day, your kid will unexpectedly do or say something that transforms your bad mood into a good one.


Whether it’s an unexpected gesture, or hilariously genuine question about the world, your kid has the ability to make you feel a thousand times better just by being themselves. It’s one of the wonderful things about being a mom, you’re always caught by surprise at how awesome your kid is!

14. One day you’ll blink and your kid will be all grown up…and you’ll wish for a second that you could do it all over again.

But that second will soon fade, and you’ll mostly be glad that you can take a backseat as your child navigates adulthood, and likely realizes that most of the things you said were right all along!

We’re certain at least some of these moments seem all too familiar! Share these tender experiences with another mom, who would appreciate a walk down memory lane.

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