Posted on: September 12, 2016 at 8:17 am
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Cleaning the bathroom is by far the worst household chore. Nothing makes you feel less sophisticated than scrubbing the urine off the underside of the toilet seat or leaning awkwardly over the bathtub as you try to clean the shower head. The smell of bleach and disinfectant gets into your lungs and by the time you’re done all you want to do is undo all of your hard work by immediately jumping in the shower.

The little tips and tricks in this article are designed to make the most unfortunate of weekly tasks just a little bit easier…


Bathroom Hacks

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  1. Cleaning the bathtub drain is one of the tougher jobs in the bathroom. Rather than choking on the fumes from bleach, simply use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove the scum.
  2. The constant flow of hard water on your bathroom jets will leave them looking in a terrible state if you do nothing about it. There’s no need for elbow grease (even if you already have a hard water build up), just use a mix of vinegar and dishwasher detergent and they’ll be as good as new in no time!
  3. Cleaning the bottom of the toilet is a necessity, but the dripping of toilet water on the brush handle or bathroom floor isn’t! Instead of putting the brush straight back in the holder close the toilet seat on the handle with the brush end over the toilet water.
  4. Speaking of the toilet brush holder, try adding disinfectant into it when you return the toilet brush. Germs will fester and multiply otherwise, meaning you won’t be cleaning you’ll be pushing them around your toilet!
  5. Chemical cleaners, such as Windex, are bad for your lungs when you’re cleaning in an enclosed space like a bathroom. You can use black tea to clean your bathroom mirror, with a sparkling effect.
  6. Removing water spots on chrome is a lot easier than most people realize. Wipe them down with a lemon and the spots will be a thing of the past.
  7. Even if your chrome finish is clean, after awhile, it will lose its gleam. To rectify the situation, polish chrome fixtures with baby oil.
  8. Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is the most susceptible to unpleasant odours – for obvious reasons. Air freshening sprays are useful to fight off bad smells. Try making your own natural spray from witch hazel, essential oils, and water.
  9. Cleaning your exhaust fan with a can of air is a great deal easier than having to precarious stand on one foot on the edge of your bathtub.
  10. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that you can wash your shower curtains in the washing machine. No more scrubbing them clean in the sink!
  11. The biggest issue with cleaning the bathroom is often that you wait too long to clean it and then need to do the whole room in one fell swoop. Leaving a box of wipes out at all times and wiping down any mess as and when it happens is great for your stress levels in the long term.
  12. Unfortunately, if you are a man or share your home with one, splashes of urine will find their way to the tiniest cracks in your toilet. To ensure that germs don’t fester and begin to cause a smell, unscrew your toilet seat with a screwdriver, then put a wipe on the end of it and wash all the tiny gaps underneath the seat and tank.
  13. Grubby looking grout is never a good look when visitors come to stay. To avoid this you can buy a product called a bleach pen and colour in the grout with disinfectant.
  14. Attaching a baggie of white vinegar to your shower head is a quick and easy way to clean off all of the grime that accumulates on it.
  15. Bathroom dirt is often caused by the products that sit on the edge of them. So don’t forget to wash containers of bath toys with vinegar.
  16. If you have more than one bathroom, don’t make the weekly chore harder than it has to be by having to put up with the hassle of carrying your supplies between each bathroom. Have a set of bathroom cleaning supplies in each room to save yourself that extra little bit of time and effort.

These hacks, unfortunately, can’t magic away the chore of bathroom cleaning, but they will make your life that little bit easier; and who wouldn’t want that!   



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