Posted on: May 22, 2015 at 11:53 am
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Having a bad day at work or being really busy can stress you out. People have many different coping methods to stress in their lives and some are more harmful than others.

Stress eating, or binge eating, is definitely one of the harmful ways someone could be dealing with stress.

It may feel good, but that’s because it’s junk foods job to make you feel good! Sending responses to the brain similar to other drugs, but food only provides a fake happiness, and you’ll soon end up in a cycle of being stressed out and binge eating.

Stress Eating and the Negative Side Effects

Stress eating occurs when you start eating without being hungry and the food becomes a source of comfort and enjoyment.

This leads to overeating and can cause:

– Obesity


– Low energy levels

– Poor nutrition

– Long-term weight gain

– Loss of confidence

The good news is that there are ways to help.

Top 3 Ways to End Stress Eating

1. Food and Stress are NOT related

Our emotions are strongly connected to what we eat.

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When a person replaces the things they lack in life, like peace, comfort, or relaxation, with food, they begin to believe that food is the only answer. Eating more may equal more happy moments in a day.

The first step to end this is to stop thinking of food as a way out of stress. By planning your day out, you can avoid being sucked into the trap of stress eating:

– Avoid difficult or stressful situations during or before meals. This will allow your brain to disassociate food from comfort.

– It’s ok to have a giant food stash! In fact, it’s better to keep your favorite foods well stocked to avoid grocery stores which can lead to buying more junk food under stress.

– Set aside some time for fun! If you know you are prone to stress eating at 3pm, plan a peaceful walk at that time for a healthy de-stressor.

2. Stick to Your Schedule


Being overwhelmed by stress can cause abnormal meal schedules, throwing off how much you eat.

The best way to combat this is to develop a healthy diet and habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

– Sleep and wake up at the same times every day

– Plan 3 healthy meals in advance

– Schedule healthy snacks at times they won’t be a comfort

– Make time for de-stressing

3. Break the Cycle

Stress eating is a habit. To break the habit, you need to repeatedly break the pattern of habit.


What trigger the pattern of stress eating? Answer this and you will be able to avoid it.

Once you find the trigger, learn how to replace the stress eating with a new, healthier habit of dealing with stress. This could include:

– Going for a walk

– Meditation


– Repetitive hobbies like chores or reading

It’s always harder to break healthy habits with bad ones, so becoming accustomed to a healthy lifestyle is key.

To learn more on stress eating and how to combat it, visit Fitness Republic.

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