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An estimated 60 percent of people wear glasses or contacts in order to aid their vision. If you wear glasses, you may know that the one time you don’t get scratch-resistant lenses, you’re likely going to scratch your lenses within 6 months. Many people only wear glasses for reading and driving, but with winter setting in, wearing glasses is also a great strategy for protecting your eyes from the dry air. But with increased wear, comes higher chances of scratches. Below are some simple tricks to removing small scratches from lenses. Some of these work really well, others are nice patches until you get a new pair, and a couple are touted remedies that just don’t seem to work or even actually cause harm.

Remove Scratches From Glasses: 4 Tried and True Methods

The first time I had a really distracting scratch on my lenses as a kid, my mom rubbed toothpaste on it. I couldn’t remember if it worked, so I tried it on an old pair of glasses I had lying around, and it definitely helped. Or course, for big scratches, there is no real cure, but for little nicks, the abrasiveness of toothpaste helps smooth out the surrounding area and eliminate the blemish. It also makes your lens pretty sparkling clean. I’ve read about people using a cotton ball to apply the toothpaste, but I used a microfiber cloth. To keep your microfiber cloths clean, you might go with a cotton ball or pad. I also made sure to rub in a circular motion, but that could be more habit (it decreases chances of lines) than necessity. Don’t forget to rinse off the toothpaste, inspect, then try again if you’re not happy with the results. I’d retry as long as you’re seeing progress each time.

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Along the same lines, I’ve seen people suggest baby shampoo or a baking soda paste, using the same strategy (small amount, microfiber cloth, rub the scratch, rinse, repeat). I haven’t tried these myself, but other experiences with baking soda paste and using shampoos and lotions to clean things give me the idea that these would be just as effective as toothpaste.

Another great all-purpose cleaner and abrasive is vinegar mixed with baking soda. It’s best to mix a small amount of this paste directly on the lens so you get full foaming power. This is kind of a fun method and takes you back to elementary school science class.

The Unverified Strategies

Many people suggest just using soap and a microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol, and glass cleaner and dish soap. These all work to clean your glasses, but I’ve never been able to get scratches out using these methods. For very small nicks, it’s definitely worth a shot, as none of these ingredients are expensive, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

Car wax is also a common suggestion, but it’s less likely you’ll have it around, and pricier than the other alternatives. Unless you have it on hand, it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth the effort. If you’re going to use anything like car wax, or industrial cleaners, make sure you use gloves, rinse your glasses thoroughly, and follow all the safety warnings.

What Not to Do

A common recommendation for getting scratches out of DVDs is nail polish remover. I don’t know if this works for DVDs, but do NOT use this on your glasses. Any protective coatings you have will be eaten away. Likewise, if you’re considering using brass polish or other industrial products, make sure they are acetone-free.

If you are unable to completely remove scratches from your lenses, you’ll want to prioritize getting them replaced, even if they don’t bother you too much. Constantly looking through blemished lenses is a strain on your eyesight. Taking care of your glasses is particularly important for people with astigmatism and and other sight conditions. If you have any of these conditions, it’s a good idea to consult your eye doctor or nurse about any issues with your glasses. Even if you don’t, they’re likely to fill you in on the problem when you walk in with scratched up glasses you have to squint through.

Have you had any luck removing scratches from eyeglasses? Share your tips in the comments!


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