Posted on: August 21, 2015 at 11:35 am
Last updated: September 15, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Headaches are probably the single biggest pain in the butt for a modern day lifestyle. From straining your eyes at your work computer screen for eight hours a day, to never getting enough water. Plus you’re always go, go, go, go – high stress, bad food, worse lighting, repetitive tasks. It’s just no good for any part of you. And if you can’t ditch work the second you leave work (some of us just keep thinking about work, we can’t help it) you carry that stress not only consciously, but also subconsciously.

In these cases, rehydrating or recaffeinating might not erase the headache, as much as you wish they would. Deep breathing can work for slight headaches, but what about the ones that make your head hurt? When you’d rather lie down for a nap than go do your favourite thing?

You could reach for your medicine cabinet, but there are so many dangers associated with different kinds of headache medications. Ibuprophen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are probably the most common of them. But you can find others. So choosing a medication is really choosing the lesser or the evils.


Ibuprophen has side effects that range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and drowsiness. It can raise your blood pressure. The really serious side effects are easy bruising or bleeding, hearing changes (like tinnitus), mood changes, swelling in your limbs, weight gain, and vision changes. Really serious side effects are serious and possibly fatal liver disease.

Aspirin, a naturally derived painkiller from a willow tree runs a risk of heartburn or upset stomach. Some people can have mild allergies to aspirin that cause dizziness.

Acetaminophen has fewer associated risks, but the FDA released information in 2013 that acetaminophen can cause three rare but maybe fatal skin diseases. Watch for rash, blisters, or other unusual skin reactions when taking the drug.

So what if you’re looking to avoid taking these potentially harmful medications? We did some research, consulted our Naturopathic Doctor and have come up with five different accurpressure points to relieve your headache in a simple and easy way.

  1. Your Third Eye

It’s kind of hard to describe where this is. Place you thumb or first two fingers directly between your eyebrows, there should be a kind of natural ridge where you nose cartilage starts. Rock your fingers up toward your hairline. You’ll know when you hit it because the sensation is instant relief.

  1. Below your eyebrows.

This is a two-part point. Go a finger’s width from the first pressure point, just under your eyebrows. When you apply pressure, you’ll feel it in the back of your skull.

  1. Cheekbones

This is another two-part acupressure point. Even with the bottom of your nostrils and directly below your pupils when your eyes are directed forward, press firmly underneath your cheekbones, where they meet your upper jaw. This is good for slowing down an oncoming migraine.

  1. ^ Base

The ^ Base (as I like to call it) is the space directly where your skull ends on the back of your neck. You want to push in the joint there – it will feel soft and be deeper than you can press on your skull or your spinal cord. (I think this is my favorite).

  1. The Neck Points.

This is the only four-part acupressure point on the list and subsequently, the hardest to get right. Although when done properly, it may be the most effective. To find these points, locate the ^ mentioned above. Instead of locating the joint of the triangle, find the two bottom prongs. Push the muscle directly below them and your second finger goes an inch underneath those.

Enjoy headache free.




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