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Okay, so I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about sole (pronounced sol-ay). It’s rock salt – normally the pink Himalayan kind (but also sea, rock, or Celtic). I mean, salt in large quantities isn’t good for you, right? Not necessarily. It turns out if you consume salt in a certain way, it’s not as bad for you as you might imagine.

What I’ve come to understand through some serious research is that while table salt is not good for you because it’s stripped of all nutrients and bleached. Sea salt, from raised ancient seabeds (like Himalayan Rock Salt), is loaded with minerals and nutrients that are good for you. So I’m going to give you the run-down on all of the awesome things sole does for your body.

5 Things Sole Does For Your Body

ground Himalayan salt

1. Hydration


Yes, this sounded crazy to me too. This was the thing I was most skeptical about. It turns out you can actually drink too much water. I didn’t know that. Your body becomes ‘dilute.’ Dilute means you’re kicking out all of the things that make your cells run.

You boot out electrolytes and minerals, flushing them out too quickly. Salt slows down the water reabsorption process (which is why too much salt water can severely dehydrate you).

2. Digestion

Salt water gives your mouth a kick. What I mean is, it kicks your salivary glands into high gear, producing a protein called amylase, which is what starts your digestion by breaking down your food earlier so more can be absorbed.

It also boosts your tummy acid, meaning those hard to get vitamins and minerals are broken down more easily. Plus, all those nutrients in your salt are really going to help out.

3. Skin

Your skin is the first indicator something is wrong in your body. Typically your lacking in something. It turns out, Sole can fill a lot of these needs. Acne? The chromium in natural salt should fix that. Chromium should also reduce chances of infection.

Eczema, dry scalp, or rough, uneven skin? You might be missing out on sulfur. Sick all the time? You might be zinc deficient, which is common in the US and sea salt is going to boost your immune system.

4. Sleep

Salt minimizes the stress hormones your body produces (cortisol and adrenaline), so if you suffer from severe nighttime anxiety, this should help out. Salt also boosts serotonin, which makes you happy, creating an easier sleep.

5. Alkalinity


Sea salt can boost the alkalinity of your blood, promoting stronger bones, more energy, provides an immune system boost, lowers incidences of painful arthritis inflammation, and reduction of Candida yeast overgrowth.

Here is a video that gives more information on high alkaline foods and their health benefits:

To Make Sole



Things You’ll Need


  1. Fill a quart-size Mason jar one-third full with unrefined, natural salt (Celtic Grey or Pink Himalayan)
  2. Fill the jar with filtered water, leaving two inches at the top and cover with a plastic top (no joke. No metal.)
  3. Shake and let it sit for 24 hours.
  4. Check in 24 hours to see if all salt crystals are dissolved, and add a little more salt.
  5. When the salt no longer dissolves, the Sole is ready.

To Use

  1. Add half a teaspoon of Sole to an 8oz glass of water for one glass every morning.

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