Sometimes, cleaning can seem never ending, especially when you’re cleaning things that require more time and energy. That’s why everybody loves hacks! Try these easy and clever ways to use a regular kitchen sponge and see how many things you can clean with better efficiency, the possibilities are endless! You might be surprised when you find some extra time at the end of the day to relax and enjoy some well-deserved down-time.

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Hack #1 Clean Your Grill With Ease:

Grab a sponge, and with a knife slit the sponge into 12 squares, but make sure you don’t fully cut it. Now your sponge’s multiple angles make it the perfect fit for hard-to-clean grills.

Hack #2 Creative Way to Clean your Blinds:

Grab two sponges, and with a knife create a slit or opening on one of the shorter side’s of the sponge (do this for both sponges), then slip them onto both sides of a tong to clean things like blinds and shutters. They’ll be dust free in no time!

Hack #3 Soapy Sponge for Days:


With a knife, create an opening/slit on the long side of the sponge and stick a small, square bar of soap in it. When you soak and squeeze it under water, it’ll create suds. This will prevent you from constantly adding liquid soap to your sponge each time it dries out. A time saver and a money saver!

Hack #4 Magnetic Sponge:

With the long side facing up, cut the sponge in half. Grab the half sponge and on the longer side, create a slit to fit a small magnet in it, then hot-glue gun the slits together to close it up. After that, place the half sponge with the magnet in it in a hard-to-clean jug or vase and use the other half of the sponge on the outside to guide the one on the inside to clean it thoroughly. This is perfect for those impossible glass bottoms that your hand can never reach.

Hack #5 Mess-free Nailpolish Remover:

Cut a sponge into 4 or five pieces, big enough to fill a small jar, and stick them all in. Then pour nail polish remover into the jar. Now stick your fingers in the jar one-by-one, and move it around to clear the nail polish off your fingernails.

Life hacks are gifts that make life easier and better. For more clever house cleaning hacks check out these 27 housekeeping hacks that’ll leave your home looking squeaky clean all while using non-chemical products.

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