Posted on: January 9, 2019 at 9:06 pm
Last updated: August 13, 2019 at 4:52 pm

A rare medical miracle has occurred. Cameron Scott, an 8-year-old Batman lover from Tennessee, has beaten cancer after a severe battle at St Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Tennessee.

Cameron suffered a serious fall down the stairs two years ago. His parents Tamika and Wendell Scott had to take him to the hospital to get checked out because he complained of back pains. 

He was scheduled for an MRI, and it was then discovered that the problems were much worse than a slipped vertebral disc. The doctors found a malignant tumor called medulloblastoma in his brain, which had spread to his spine. They further diagnosed him with high-risk stage 4 brain cancer.

This unfortunate turnout of events was a major shock for everyone. In an interview with, Cameron’s mother recalled how terrified she’d been as she watched the doctors. 


She said, “The doctor turned to the other doctors and said, ‘I need another MRI. I need you to scan upward.’” Watching the youngest out of her six children go through so much pain and suffering was more than she could bear.

Brain surgery and chemotherapy

The doctors had to schedule and prep Cameron over the next few months for brain surgery, after a second MRI confirmed their diagnosis. Cameron only weighs 53 pounds. 

Cameron’s brain surgery lasted four hours; four painful, worrisome, dreadful hours for his family. All the tumors were completely removed at the end of the operation, and Cameron had to begin his journey in chemotherapy and radiation at St. Jude’s children hospital.

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Chemo lasted a total of six months for Cameron. All the bills and costs for this process were covered by St. Jude’s, an act of charity that left his parents surprised and full of thanks.

Chemotherapy was tough for little Cameron, but he gave it a fight like the superhero he is. His family was ever-present to support and cherish him through it all. “I’m Dad,” his father said. “I have to be strong for everybody. I just felt like we had to fight.” And indeed, they put up a good fight.

The doctors at St. Jude’s discovered that Cameron’s problems had come in a syndrome of four different neurological conditions. They knew his treatment and recovery would have to be specialized if success was to be achieved at the end of it all. 

A highly-targeted treatment was initiated using gene-sequencing techniques, and although it wasn’t easy on a 53-pound 8-year-old, they managed to put him through the process successfully.


Total recovery and his trip to Legoland

A year after being diagnosed, Cameron was proclaimed cancer-free, a victor in his own right! A series of Thanksgiving parties were thrown for him, both in and out of the hospital. 

Cameron and his family enjoyed a wonderful to Legoland Amusement Park in Florida. He finally got to connect with his inner superhero after a long time, and of course, he donned a Batman costume to get back in the game. 

According to Cameron’s dad, Cameron loves Batman over all the others because Batman’s a brain genius. “His philosophy is, well,” Wendell said, “All of the other superheroes have superpowers, but Batman uses his brain.” Smart kid.


During his time in Legoland, Cameron got to shake off the last of the cancer chains holding him down. He had a great time, and he felt pumped with energy and full of power. The little superhero said, “I feel amazing now. I feel like I have been through everything.”

Cameron is a source of hope to many people out there, and his story is truly a miraculous one.

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