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Chakras date back to 1500 to 1000 BC, however, they have become more well-known with the emergence of yoga and New Age philosophy in today’s society. Known as cakra in Sanskrit, chakra means wheel.

There are 7 main chakras in the body that correspond with different energy centers in the body. These chakras are thought of as spinning wheels that need to stay open in order to draw in energy through those energy centers. If a chakra is closed, you’ll often hear it referred to as “blocked.” The 7 main chakras are the crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra.

The 7 Chakras: How to Spot a Blockage

As detailed in the image below, each chakra has a corresponding color, number and group of nerves and major organs that impact our emotional and physical well-being. If you’ve been having reoccurring issues in your mental, emotional or physical health, understanding the 7 main chakras and how they remain open and closed can help you be proactive with your health.

The Root Chakra

root chakra

Where to find it: The root chakra is located at the base of the spine around your tailbone.

Color: Red

Meaning: Physical identity, stability, and grounding.


If you’re feeling insecure about your basic needs and well-being, you may have a blocked root chakra. When your root chakra is open, you’ll often feel physically and emotionally grounded. Physical manifestations of a blocked root chakra can include digestion problems or arthritis.

The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra

Where to find it: The sacral chakra is located below the belly button and just above the pubic bone.

Color: Orange

Meaning: Sexuality, pleasure, and creativity.

If you have a blocked sacral chakra or are experiencing problems with the organs in this area of your body you may have health issues such as urinary tract infections, lower back pain, and impotency. This is due to this chakra being connected to feelings of self-worth. It’s specifically related to feelings of self-worth around pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. If you’re feeling like you have a blocked sacral chakra, doing something creative just for the fun of it can help. Think something like cooking, craft or any other creative activity that you enjoy.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus chakra

Where to find it: The solar plexus chakra is located in the upper abdomen area near your stomach.

Color: Yellow

Meaning: Self-esteem and confidence.

If you have a blocked solar plexus chakra you may be experiencing digestive problems in the stomach such as ulcers, heartburn and indigestion. Being the chakra of personal power, the solar plexus chakra is focused on self-esteem and self-confidence. If you feel like you’re lacking in these areas, some work on opening and aligning your solar plexus chakra may help.

The Heart Chakra

heart chakra

Where to find it: The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest above your heart. This is often referred to as the “heart center” in yoga. This chakra bridges the lower chakras and upper chakras.

Color: Green

Meaning: Being the heart chakra, it is associated with love and compassion.

Physical manifestations of a blocked heart chakra can include heart problems, asthma, and weight gain or loss. Blocks in this chakra are also often seen through how people behave. For example, people with a blocked heart chakra may put others first without thinking of themselves. When the heart chakra is out of alignment, you can feel lonely, insecure and isolated.

The Throat Chakra


throat chakra

Where to find it: The throat chakra is located at the throat.

Color: Blue

Meaning: This chakra is associated with all things communication.

A blocked throat chakra may manifest in physical problems with your teeth, gums or mouth. If you find yourself gossiping, speaking without thinking, being overly dominating in your speech or finding it difficult to speak your mind, your throat chakra may be out of alignment of blocked. When the throat chakra is open, you are better able to speak and listen with compassion.

The Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra

Where to find it: The third eye chakra is located on your forehead between the eyes.

Color: Indigo


Meaning: Intuition and imagination, are they key meanings associated with the third eye chakra.

Blockages in the third eye chakra can physically manifest in headaches, difficulty concentrating and sight problems. People with a blocked third eye chakra may also have difficulty listening or be out of touch with their intuition. In contrast, people with an open third eye chakra have the ability to see the bigger picture and follow their intuition.

The Crown Chakra

crown chakra

Where to find it: Located at the very top of the head

Color: Violet or White

Meaning: Awareness and intelligence are the meanings associated with this chakra. With the crown chakra linked to every other chakra in our body and our nervous system, this chakra can have a big effect on how you live your life.

Those with a closed crown chakra can be narrow-minded and stubborn, while those with an open crown chakra tend to understand their life’s purpose and live in alignment with that purpose.

If you found yourself reading this and feeling like one or two chakras particularly resonated with you or relates to any health challenges you’re having, it could be worth learning more about opening and aligning your chakras. Looking into practices such as yoga, meditation and working with a healer can help open or align a chakra. The chakra system can play a big role in improving your overall health, if you’re open to it and interested in learning more.

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