Eczema is a skin disease that causes the skin to inflame, becoming red and itchy. It is generally uncomfortable and some people report that it occasionally causes them pain along with embarrassment. Very common, it is often difficult to pinpoint the reason for flare-ups. There are many different treatments offered on the market, but if you wish to try naturopathic remedies to begin before being prescribed a synthesized treatment from your doctor, we have gathered our research to bring some of the best home-remedies for eczema flare-ups.

Kinds of Eczema

There are many kinds of eczema. Some occur from contact, which can be from allergens, such as metal, plants, fabric softener, chemical irritants and even on occasion from ingestion of allergens or sensitivities. There is also a kind of eczema called pomphylox eczema, which only occurs during times of extreme stress. (I have a friend who can’t receive criticism or give a presentation without going red across the chest and neck.) There is also varicose eczema, which occurs in patches around varicose veins.

Symptoms of Eczema Include:

  • Red, scaly, and cracked patches of skin, mostly occuring on the hands, feet, ears and legs
  • Burning, itching of pain along these bands of skin
  • Infection of inflammed skin from excess scratching (particularly in young children)
  • Small, fluid filled blisters which burst upon contact and turn into sores

Causes of Eczema

  • Wheat, milk, or eggs (particularly in children)
  • Stress or strong emotions (like anxiety)
  • Hereditary

Ways to Treat Eczema

Herbal Treatments:

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Burdock root, chamomile, lavender, marigold and red clover can be drunk in an infusion (slightly bitter, add honey for taste)

Chickweed ointment applied before an outbreak of eczema (particularly in cases of stress based eczema) can help ease symptoms

Aloe Vera gel can encourage healing and add additional moisture to skin to ease symptoms *

Essential Oils

Blend two drops each of chamomile, lavender, and (or) lemon balm essential oils into two tablespoons of carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado, olive) and massage gently into the skin. For children under twelve, eliminate the lemon balm and use only chamomile and lavender and dilute the essential oils to one drop each per two tablespoons. *

Blend two drops each of chamomile, sage, geranium, and lavender into a quarter cup of carrier oil.*

Both of these blends can be added to bath water. For adults 10-15 drops in a full bath. For children 5-7 drops. For very young children (still taking a bath in a sink), two or three drops in the sink should be plenty.

Vitamins and Minerals

Additional Vitamin A

A B-Complex supplement with a strong dose of Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Vitamin C act as natural antihistamines if you suffer from allergy based eczema

Apply Evening Primrose Oil to the site and massage in*. Adding a daily dose of Evening Primrose Oil should also help stimulate healing and relieve itching and reduce appearance.


Any notes marked with an asterisk * are safe for all ages and can be used on young children. With the essential oil blends, please be sure to thoroughly rub in the blend. Mittens for hands afterward can be a blessing until totally absorbed.

This article was requested by a fan of our site to help treat her two year old daughter’s eczema – and while I wrote her name down and put that note in a safe place, it has proven so safe I could not find it again. Still, I would like to thank her for her time in requesting this article and I hope it helps her solve the problem.

Any other requests for natural remedies to common problems can be made in the comments!!

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