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These Adorable Baby Foxes Showed Up at a Grandma’s House and the Pictures are Everything

If you’re having a bad day, these cute baby foxes (kits) playing without a care in the world would like to cheer you up.

When most people think foxes, they imagine sly, mischievous animals always looking for something to steal or domestic animals to bully. Well, for the most part, wild foxes can be a bit… wild, but you can bet they were not born that way. 

It’s spring again and despite all the pain the world is going through right now, spring is still going to happen anyway, and that’s something we can choose to be thankful for. Life begins to thrive all around us – leaves flourish, flowers bloom, eggs hatch, and animals begin to nurse their new-born offspring. 

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Last spring, an Illinois-based grandmother had a season of hilarious entertainment when a couple of baby foxes wandered onto her porch [1]. Red foxes are quite common in Illinois so there was no reason to fret. They would often creep up to her sliding doors, a perfect place to watch these cuties. 

An overload of cuteness

The photos were shared on Reddit by a user named Vechrotex whose grandmother was the lucky fox host. Her grandma had captured some adorable shots of the little munchkins the first day they came by, and they immediately went viral.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Vechrotex explains that the babies always came around with their mother who would keep an eye on them while they played, poked around, and nosed up to grandma’s doors. 

The little animals could have been about three to four weeks old at the time because their eyes were wide open. Baby red foxes are born blind and only open their eyes about 14 days later. They also rely on mama’s milk for the first four weeks and right after that, they begin to eat solid food and subsequently learn to hunt. 

Here in Illinois we get red foxes in forested areas, we see them a lot and it’s not that big of a deal,” Vechrotex told Bored Panda. “One day my grandma saw a baby red fox and took a picture of it. She shared the picture with me and I thought it was just so cute, I decided to post it. I’m glad I was able to make so many people happy! The mom comes by a lot more than the babies. She is always close when her babies are on the porch.”

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Sadly, they’d grow up too quickly

Well, Grandma didn’t mind because she gets to enjoy watching the precious family play out their foxy antics on her porch. It kind of makes you want to move to a quiet woody area where you’d get to enjoy the thrills of wildlife.

Unfortunately, not everyone had a funny tale to tell about these baby foxes. One commenter on Reddit wrote:  “One of our neighbors had a small pet door in their back door. A fox cub let itself in, ate all the cat’s food, and then fell asleep in the space between the refrigerator and the wall. The mama fox tried to get in to retrieve her cub but could not fit in the pet door or was afraid to attempt it. So the neighbor’s closed all the interior doors to the kitchen and left the backdoor open so mama and cub could be reunited.

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