Posted on: November 10, 2016 at 3:22 pm
Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 8:20 pm

This article is republished with permission from our friends at PETA

Studies have shown that animals experience all the same emotions that humans do. Rats feel empathy for other rats, pigs form strong bonds with one another, and cows mourn the death of loved ones. All animals have a complex emotional life. Just check out these videos:


Camels Waheed and Tracy prove that soul mates come in all shapes and sizes. Sick, neglected, and living in miserable conditions when PETA-supported Indian animal relief organization Animal Rahat rescued them, they now have a new life—and new love.



The bond between mother and child transcends species. On dairy farms, calves are torn from their mothers when they’re newborns. People who live near dairy farms have reported hearing “strange noises” during the night. Those noises were mother cows bellowing for their stolen babies.


Lolita is the lone orca imprisoned at Miami Seaquarium, living in the smallest orca tank in North America. Born free, she was stolen from her mother nearly half a century ago. Today, Lolita floats listlessly or swims in small circles for hours. Please tell the Miami Seaquarium to retire Lolita by clicking here.

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As you can see from this iguana guarding and protecting a fallen friend, the feeling of loss is universal.



Sheena’s making a snow angel because she was rescued from a laboratory. What could be a more joyous occasion? Oh, right—the day when all animals are free from laboratories.


Nothing is more terrifying than knowing you could be the next one they cut open or poison.



When PETA fieldworkers rescued Justice from life on a chain, he began to heal and flourish. Never losing hope for a better life, his reaction to meeting his new family says it all.


Take it from Karan—it’s hard to hide your happiness when you’ve been rescued!

All rescued animals have a reason to smile, wag, splash, hop, purr, and play.

“Every animal has his or her story, his or her thoughts, daydreams, and interests. All feel joy and love, pain and fear, as we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt. All deserve that the human animal afford them the respect of being cared for with great consideration for those interests or left in peace.”

—Ingrid Newkirk

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