Posted on: August 18, 2016 at 10:37 am
Last updated: September 12, 2017 at 11:52 am

In most large poultry farms antibiotics have become a staple of the average chicken’s diet. The usage of these antibiotics is to ensure the health of birds in a large and congested group. However, some farms use the technique in lieu of proper cleaning rather than a healthy boost to the birds. The antibiotics keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them. The daily dose of these antibiotics in a chicken has been linked to antibiotic bacteria found present in people who eat them, which could lead to severe and untreatable infections.


Antibiotic-Free Chickens

One farmer in Pennsylvania is fighting against this dangerous trend. Scott Sechler is one of the first farmers in the world to replace antibiotics with a natural remedy of oregano oil and cinnamon. He has eradicated the use of chemical antibiotics on his farm, and his chickens are officially drug-free!

His solution is not only 100% natural, it is also a lot healthier for the chickens. Oregano oil has been proven to be as an extremely potent natural antibiotic, with evidence suggesting that it has a stronger effect on bacteria than mass-produced pills.


The practice is more expensive; however, Sechler’s chickens are treated more humanely and are healthier than their battery farmed counterparts. Alongside the ethical benefits, his farm is far from shrinking because of the additional cost, in fact, it’s flourishing as word travels about his ‘natural’ chickens. The promise that the chicken you are eating was healthier in life and therefore better for you at the dinner table is a message that strikes a chord with consumers who take the time to educate themselves on their health and animal rights.

The Benefits of Oregano Oil & Cinnamon

Sechler’s solution of oregano oil and cinnamon acts as a supplement to the chicken’s diet rather than a necessity.  He keeps his chicken’s living space clean, and the slaughterhouse is thoroughly cleaned after every use. This is in stark contrast to his battery farming competition who allow their animals to live in disgraceful conditions, where the slaughterhouse is rarely cleaned, and the chickens traipse through their own filth. These are the conditions that make the mass feeding of antibiotics a necessity.

The benefits of oregano oil are now being tested on other livestock after the success of Sechler’s farm. Bob Ruth, who runs another farming company in Pennsylvania, has begun testing the solution on the 5000 pigs that live on his farms. The first set of results has shown a reduction in illness and infections on the farm, although more tests will need to be done.

Ruth and Sechler’s decision to replace cheap antibiotics for a more expensive natural solution could prove to be revolutionary in the farming sector. By prioritizing the care of their animals and the health of the consumer over profits, they are making a statement. It is now for us as consumers to respond to the statement and turn away from the unethical and unnatural treatment of farm animals.



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