Posted on: October 21, 2016 at 12:18 pm
Last updated: October 5, 2018 at 9:26 am

Lean, toned and defined arms are what dreams are made of. Read on to find out the main ingredients to eliminate that arm fat and get arms even supermodels would be proud of!


What Causes Arm Fat?

Many people gain weight during puberty which they find very hard to get rid of. According to Teresse Alexander, there can be a weight gain of ‘up to 15 pounds’ which ‘accumulates along upper arms, thighs, upper back, breasts, and hips.’

You may be quick to jump to the conclusion that your excess fat is down to your ‘slow metabolism,’ but according to the Mayo Clinic, a low metabolism isn’t actually the outstanding reason you have extra weight. Yes, your metabolism does affect your weight as it deals with ‘the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy’, but it certainly doesn’t control how much you are eating.


So if you’re trying to tone up those arm muscles and are struggling, don’t blame it on your slow metabolism, blame it on your lifestyle! By exercising and using more energy than you are taking in (eating), you are guaranteed to work those muscles for leaner results.

What Muscles Are In Our Upper Arms?

    There are three main muscles the video below will be targeting to achieve toned arms;
  • Shoulder– the very top of your arm, next to your neck.
  • Bicep– Underneath the shoulder, at the top of your arm facing forwards.
  • Tricep- Underneath your bicep, facing backward.

All you need is a pair of weights- don’t have any? No problem! Try using any of these substitutions you might find lying around at home. Follow this fitness video to tone up your arms in twelve minutes (remember to stretch before exercising)!

Other Factors for Leaner Arms

A Healthy, Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is essential to obtaining strong arms. Try and avoid foods that are high in fats and sugars as they will make you feel worse rather than better in the long run; giving you shorts burst of energy followed by a crash in energy levels.

Our muscles are made up of different proteins so to build muscle mass you are going to want to consume lean proteins. According to The American College of Sports Medicine; ‘The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that the average individual should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram’ of body weight a day.


Protein-rich foods include; legumes, fish, tofu, eggs, nuts, and milk. Try this protein-packed, meat-free recipes to make sure you’re getting your daily fix.

Remember to eat breakfast! A hearty meal to kickstart the day will ensure you won’t ‘overeat for the rest of the day; a habit which may lead to extra body weight. If you ‘eat most of your calories later in the day, you have less opportunity to spend the energy consumed’ according to the Alberta Health Services.

Drink the Right Stuff

water filter
Water– is essential in keeping you hydrated as ‘Physical and cognitive performance can suffer when we are poorly hydrated‘ as stated by Dr.Emma. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day to maximize energy levels.
Green tea– a perfect way to kick-start your metabolism and help digest food.

Cardio Exercise Will be your Best Friend

By doing cardio exercises as regularly as weight exercises, you are guaranteed to have toned arms in no time! Once again, according to the American College of Sports Science; ‘This blend helps maintain or improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness and overall health and function.’

Cardio improves your bodies ability to pump oxygen around the body, improves endurance and burns calories at the same time. With improved endurance levels, you’ll be able to exercise for longer, therefore, burning more calories and building more muscle!
Here are some cardio exercises to get the blood pumping:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Bicycling

It takes many different factors to create leaner, more toned arms but if you start with regular exercise (follow the video) and try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, then you will be on track to strong arms in no time!

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