There are two kinds of people in this world, those who like artificial sweeteners, and those who don’t… and I mean this quite literally! There have been studies proven that show some people are equipped with a gut that can handle artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and some react horribly to them!

After monitoring people who do and don’t eat artificial sweeteners on a regular basis, doctors and scientists were able to deduct that these artificial sweeteners drastically increase blood sugar levels in those that are not equipped with the right microbes.

The effects that artificial sweeteners had on people depended largely on the microbes that they possessed. When you eat artificial sweeteners like aspartame, you are getting rid of natural sugar and instead replacing it with a toxic, synthetic sugar.

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How Aspartame Affects Health

If you are born without the specific microbes that can digest aspartame properly, this artificial sweetener can cause seizures, headaches, and sometimes diabetes.

Once ingested, aspartame turns into formaldehyde, which is a highly toxic chemical on its own… one you would never consume! Studies have linked regular aspartame consumption with leukaemia, breast cancer, epilepsy, asthma and even Parkinson’s disease.

 How Is Aspartame Still In Our Food?

Aspartame’s nickname is “the silent killer” yet it remains in our food market… why? Well here we are again, we have come full circle and now we face, you guessed it… Monsanto! There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the FDA’s approval of aspartame year after year… is it corruption? Fraud? No one really knows how the organization that is here to protect us from harmful chemicals is allowing aspartame to remain.

Did you know that aspartame was originally rejected? Within a year the FDA had “re-evaluated” their decisions and violá “diet,” “sugar-free” foods with aspartame were on the shelves.

How do you feel about aspartame?

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