Posted on: November 18, 2016 at 2:10 pm
Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 7:36 pm

Have you ever been traveling and been stuck trying to communicate with someone who couldn’t understand you? It’s a pretty common feeling. Wherever we go, we need to communicate, it’s necessary for almost every day of our lives, no matter where we are. These situations usually arise when we go abroad, out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. If you don’t know the language well, it gets even more complicated.


You might try your best to speak the native language, but more often than not, this goes horribly. The listener is not understanding, and you are not getting your point across. You might have even reverted to your native tongue and spoke it slowly or acted it out. This only furthers your embarrassment, and the understanding that you need just isn’t there.


In-ear translation

translation fingers

Now there is a device that can solve all this. It’s a wearable earpiece that translates in real time. It comes with two earpieces, so you and the person you’re having your conversation with can both have one. You just place it in your ear, toggle the language you want to translate to on your phone, and have your conversation. The goal of this product is to create a world untethered by language restrictions so people can more freely communicate.


The Pilot System

It’s called the Pilot System, and Waverly Labs makes it. CEO and founder David Ochoa, a self-identified tech futurist, came up with the idea when he met a French girl and had a hard time getting over the language barrier. He set out to make a device that lets you have a conversation with someone from another language, and so far the device translates French, Spanish, Italian, and English. More languages are set to hit the device’s app soon after it’s release including Slavic and Semitic languages.

The device took two years to develop and is scheduled to retail in May 2017 for around three hundred dollars. So go ahead and book your next trip with this in mind. Go abroad and have a conversation.

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