Posted on: November 8, 2016 at 12:49 pm
Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 8:32 pm

It’s an emotional day when your little one no longer sleeps in a crib! So many of us new moms and dads (and not to mention proud grandparents!) are tempted to hold on to everything like a time capsule- all the tiny socks and beloved blankets bring back so many adorable memories. Time really does fly by.

A growing trend I’ve picked up on makes me glad I didn’t throw out my kids’ baby things. Parents are coming up with really cool ways to re-purpose old baby cribs for a ton of different things around the house. It’s a really clever way to preserve those precious memories without becoming a pack rat! Here are some of my favorite projects:

1. Craft Table Organizer

I love that this DIY project goes straight from one stage to the other! Toddlers and young kids can get creative at their arts and craft station and have fun cleaning up to (believe it or not!). It’s not just decoration- it’s as useful as it is meaningful.

diy kids projects

This is super easy to make. Simply remove one long side of the crib as well as any screws or pieces sticking out. You can screw it directly into the wall or attach brackets and hang it. I’d choose to repaint it too as a fun project!

2. Floating Book Shelf


loved story time when I was growing up- in fact, I still do! So, naturally, this one is probably my favorite baby crib repurposing. See this clever blog post for the full instructions- it’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

diy bookshelf kids

3. Fun Wagon

Okay, this is adorable. This little wagon has lots of cushion and pillows for a nice, comfy snooze while Mom or Dad pulls you home. And when your kids are a little older, they can use it to transport all their stuffed teddies to new adventures. Learn how to make it here.

diy wagon

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4. DIY Chalkboard Easel

This craft is especially awesome because it can be used just for fun for the kids, as a quirky accent in your house, or as a fun welcome sign at parties and get-togethers! You can find the full instructions right here.

diy chalkboard

5. Outdoor Bench

This one’s really neat, and it’s a great size to fit a lot of porches or patios. Even though my front porch is small, I could definitely use this as a beautiful accent piece. Get the full how-to here.


make your own bench

6. Amazing Indoor Swinging Couch

Ok, I’ll be honest. This one obviously doesn’t make my list of favorites because it looks like an easy project. But I can’t get over how perfect it looks! It’s definitely just the right repurpose for anyone who wants to reuse old furniture without having to keep the just-for-kids look.

indoor hanging swing

7. Vertical Garden

Now, this I’d make in a second! I’m all about gardening, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, food or just for looking pretty. This project takes a different part of the crib than a lot of others, so you can really cut down on any waste. I love that it’s the right size to hold up potted plants outside or house some awesome herbs inside!

hanging garden

8. DIY Refurbished Desk or Table

I’ve seen similar versions of this for kids’ play stations and for adults’ work stations- plus some smart cookies have turned this into a unique shelving unit in their kitchens! You can follow these basic instructions and personalize it however you want. I’d love to turn this into a writing desk for myself.

diy writing desk

Tell us which one was your favorite- and if you decide to make one of these projects, we’d just love to see it!


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