Posted on: January 20, 2017 at 10:08 am

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If you love Youtube like I love Youtube, you’ve probably got into that weird part of Youtube like these strange videos about cats, this video of a banana slipping on a man and of course classics like Charlie Bit My Finger.

You’ve probably also wandered into the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos, which if you don’t have the brain for, are probably very confusing, especially since many of them have really high views and seem to be not much. But if you wandered into the ASMR videos and found yourself relaxed or covered in a comfortable tingling feeling, you are not alone.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is a euphoric, relaxing or tingling feeling that comes from the scalp and extends down the spine, sometimes out the fingertips. It is triggered by small metallic noises, grooming noises, and most often, whispers, depending on the person.


It can provide immediate relaxation from some people and reduce general stress, which is HUGE for your health. There are a ton of ASMR videos on the internet, so finding one that works for you could be the key to successful use. Some popular examples are:

WhisperingClick here to watch

GroomingClick here to watch

Small NoisesClick here to watch

Or Bob Ross – Keep scrolling to watch…

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Some people DO NOT LIKE ASMR. It can give them the heebie-jeebies, do nothing, or can over stimulate them. It all depends on the person.

How Does It Work?

Some people think that it comes from the enjoyment of grooming, or that the actions are associated with closeness to people. You may find yourself listening one late night in bed, relaxed tucked in, after a good dinner, in your coziest pajamas, wandering through the night void on the blue funnel of light coming from Youtube videos on your phone and end up on ‘that weird part of Youtube.’


You might start listening to some strange, but relaxing, video of a woman clicking her fake nails against a hard table. It’s not weird; it affects quite a few people, for most people, it’s not sexual, and is just a good way to relax and possibly sleep.

For many people, it’s a comfort because it’s an intimate connection without having to react. Similar to the joy apes get from getting groomed, even if they don’t need groomed.

Is It Good For You?

If it helps you relax, and you’re not mainlining ASMR videos like an addict, it is very good for you. It’s a way to get an intimate body connection to another human being, it also reduces stress, which can improve your emotional IQ and make you more productive.

It can have similar effects to meditation.Good sleep and less stress are good for most people.


There are innumerable benefits to reduced stress:

  • Better resilience to the common cold
  • Happiness
  • Longer Life

It can really help if you tend to get stressed out, or unmotivated at work. Take a 10 minute ASMR break lay down, and listen to the person click and brush to revamp yourself for the rest of your work day.

If You Don’t ‘Feel It,’ Can You?

If you haven’t clicked on the above examples of ASMR, give it a try now. If you did and didn’t feel anything, know that it’s a-okay if you don’t feel anything the first time around. Different people have different triggers, and for many people, ASMR can only be triggered when they are already calm.

Try laying down, giving yourself some time to breath or taking in a lovely big cup of tea and some super-brain yoga to get your brain ready for those lovely tingles. Some people feel it, some people can’t, but you can get a lot closer to ASMR when you are relaxed and ready to get those fabulous brain twiggles.

Or, if you can’t find anything that works, make your own!

Mary Grace
Health Expert
Mary Grace is a freelance writer based out of the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and everything outdoors. If you have any comments or questions, comment down below, or follow her on twitter @marmygrace.

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