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Your body is a complex network of body systems and all need to function properly for you to enjoy optimal health. If even one body system is not working up to par, this can negatively impact your health. There are times when lifestyle and the environment allow for toxins to build up in different organ systems in the body.

This reduces the efficiency and function of that organ system, resulting in a number of health issues. You need to detox to remove the toxins and reclaim your good health.If you are unsure if you need a detox, you want to learn about the common signs and symptoms that indicate that toxins are present.

If over the course of three months, you experience at least four of the following symptoms, you should consider a detox:

  • Chronic bad breath or a strange coating on your tongue
  • You are gaining belly fat that you cannot explain
  • Gallbladder problems
  • You are sweating excessively or overheating
  • Acne, itchy skin or rosacea
  • Unexplained moodiness
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Strange food and drink cravings
  • Congested sinuses
  • Fluid retention
  • Difficulty losing weight despite your best efforts
  • Unexplained fatigue that extra rest does not solve
  • Difficulty sleeping through the night or falling asleep

It is a good idea to also have these evaluated by a doctor just to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition. If there is not, a detox can help to reset your body so that you can get back to feeling great again.

Using Herbs to Detox Your Body

There are many herbs that may be helpful in detoxing your body so that you can get rid of the excess toxins. It is important to know which herbs are best so that you can quickly narrow down the choices and get started with your detox.When you are detoxing, you should use one herb so that the process is easier and more convenient.

Make sure that you are following the dosage instructions exactly to ensure optimal efficacy and safety. Remember that it is possible to overdose on herbs, so never take more than the listed dose.When you use herbs, you can use them in many ways, such as in pill or capsule form, as a tea or as a topical remedy.

Tea and pills or capsules are the best options when you are using herbs to detox.

  1. Dandelion

Dandelion dates back centuries and has a variety of uses. It helps to detox the body by helping to encourage hydration and it helps to ensure bowel regularly. It also helps to ensure adequate bile production and bile is a substance that helps to get toxins out of the body. Most people enjoy dandelion in tea form, but there are capsules that you can find at health food stores.

  1. Black Walnut

Black walnut goes back to the 1600s and it has a natural ability to fight against foreign organisms, including toxins. This is because it is rich in organism-fighting substances, including juglone, iodine and tannins. It reduces the ability for toxins to live and thrive so that they die off and are eliminated from the body.

It does the same for any foreign invaders, reducing the risk of you getting sick when your body is vulnerable, such as during the time when you are in need of a detox.It is best to use black walnut in a pill or a capsule form. However, you can make a tea with it or mix it with something like black tea, another rich source of organism-killing tannins.

  1. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been known for more than 2,000 years to help detox the liver and the gallbladder. It improves the function of your digestive tract by increasing bile production. This helps to ensure that toxins are not able to sit and fester in your stomach and intestines. This is important because many toxins enter your body when you eat and drink.


The increased bile will keep these toxins moving along so that they quickly exit your body and are not able to cause problems.Many people enjoy milk thistle tea and many combine it with other herbs, such as chamomile. You can also find pills and capsules that contain high-quality milk thistle to use for your detox.

  1. Wormwood

Wormwood is often found in ancient folklore and it is a part of the drink absinthe. However, despite its more mysterious past, this is an herb with the ability to fight against toxins, as well as certain parasites that can make a home in the body, such as roundworms and pinworms. It dates back to the Egyptian times in being used as a remedy to help promote efficient and healthy digestion.

All of these actions come together to remove toxins and promote digestive health. Wormwood tea is something you can make, but most people consume this in pill form.

  1. Eucalyptus

This herb is popular for use when you are sick with something that causes coughing and congestion. It also has the ability to attack viruses and fight against bacteria. As a detox herb, it works well to detox the lungs so that you are able to breathe easier and enjoy greater lung capacity. You can use this in the form of a tea or in pill or capsule form.

As you can see, allowing toxins to build up in your body can be detrimental to your health. However, you have recourse and you can quickly and easily go through a detox to restore your optimal health. All of the herbs listed and discussed above have the ability to get the toxins out of your body to ensure that you are as healthy as possible.


Before you embark on a detox and start working herbs into your diet, first talk to your doctor to ensure that the herbs and methods that you choose are as safe as possible.


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