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Has it crossed your mind to use herbal remedies for your lungs? The environment constantly exposes you to things like irritants, pollutants, harmful organisms, mold, fungus, dust and various other toxins 24 hours per day. Every time you breathe, you are breathing these in and they are getting direct access to your lungs. Your respiratory system is constantly working to filter these out, but it can only do so much.


Because of this, you need to help your respiratory system along to keep your lungs and the other components as healthy as possible. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can start doing now to improve the health of your lungs. Herbs are one of the options and there are a number of herbs that contain properties to help your overall lung health.

If you have any specific lung conditions, you want to choose herbs that are meant for these, specifically. For example, if you have asthma, you want to choose herbs that are known for aiding with asthma.


How to Use Herbs to Improve Lung Health

Proper use is important to get the most benefit and ensure safe usage. When you are using herbs properly for lung health, you can expect some of the following benefits, depending on which herbs you are using:

  • Breaking up chest congestion so it more easily expels from the body
  • Calming a cough by relaxing the upper respiratory muscles
  • Fighting off organisms that can cause respiratory problems
  • Soothing airways and nasal passages that are irritated
  • Reducing the release of histamines for fewer and less severe allergy symptoms
  • Reducing oxidative damage due to containing antioxidants

When you are using herbs to benefit your lungs, you normally consume them orally. Depending on the herb, you can drink it in tea form or use a pill or capsule. There are also inhalable versions for certain herbs, such as nasal sprays. The nasal sprays tend to be ideal for things like sinus irritation since it puts the herbs right into the sinuses.

When you are looking at herbs to improve the health of your lungs, you have a number of options. You want to learn more about what these herbs contain so that you pick the right ones for the lung issues that you are experiencing. In some cases, you may benefit from two or more herbs, depending on your needs.

The Top 6 Best Herbs for Your Lungs

1. Eucalyptus

best herbs for lungs


Eucalyptus is present in a number of sore throat remedies that are sold over-the-counter. In fact, you have likely had cough drops and similar products that contain this herb in the past. This herb works to soothe irritation to help reduce the need to cough. Eucalyptus works due to containing cineole.

This is a compound that helps to ease a cough, soothe sinus passages that are irritated, works as an expectorant and helps to fight congestion. It also gives you an immune system boost thanks to containing powerful antioxidants.

2. Oregano

best herbs for lungs

The herb that you love in your Italian dishes does a lot to help promote better lung health. It contains rosmarinic acid and carvacrol acid, both of which work as natural histamine reducers and decongestants. This helps to improve airflow in the nasal passages so that you can breathe easier when you are sick and when you are experiencing allergies.

Many people use this herb in essential oil form when it comes to improving lung health. However, you can take oregano capsules too if you are looking for something more convenient.

3. Lungwort

herbs for lungs

As its name implies, this herb is effective for the lungs and its use for promoting better lung health dates back to the 1600s. It helps to clear congestion and improve the health of the lungs overall. It may also help to reduce illnesses that affect the lungs due to containing compounds that have the ability to fight off foreign invaders that can lead to lung conditions, such as an upper respiratory infection.

4. Plantain Leaf

herbs lungs

This herb looks like a banana and goes back hundreds of years for its use to soothe mucous membranes that are irritated and ease a cough. Clinical trials have been conducted on this herb that show that it has the ability to fight against the respiratory symptoms of a common cold, cough and lung irritation.

It can also help to improve the production of mucus to help calm a dry cough that many medications are unable to soothe and treat.

5. Lobelia

best herbal remedies for lung health

This is an herb that many people are unfamiliar with because it is more often used with horses. However, it works just as well for humans due to containing lobeline, a type of alkaloid. This helps to break up congestion and thin out mucus so you cough it up and get it out of your lungs. It also allows for easier breathing and helps to relax the airways by helping the adrenal glands to release more epinephrine.

This is a very common cough and cold remedy throughout the world due to its versatility.

6. Elecampane

best herbs lungs

This is another herb that most people do not hear much about, but it has a number of properties that support respiratory health. The root of the herb is commonly used in cough drops and lozenges. It helps to relax the muscles in the trachea, allowing for easier breathing. It also helps to suppress coughs, work as an expectorant, and soothe bronchial passages.

Your lungs are one of your most important major organs and you need to do everything possible to protect them and keep them healthy. Not smoking, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are important, but adding a few herbs to your daily routine can give you further help. Since herbs can be powerful and cause a number of effects on the body, it is important that you talk to your doctor before using any herbs.

Your doctor can help you to pick the ones that will be most helpful, aid you with the dose and ensure that you are using them as safely as possible.

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