Posted on: March 26, 2019 at 3:59 pm

Troop 339 of the Scouts BSA recently honored six young girls who recently joined their troop in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. It’s amazing how the BSA is cultivating the values of gender equality in their youngsters.


Since February 2019, more than 3000 girls between the ages of 11-17 have enrolled in the BSA, after the decision was made to accommodate girls in the organization [1]. Since its inception 109 years ago, this is the first time girls have been allowed to participate in the program. To accommodate this shift, the organization changed its name in February 2019 from Boy Scouts of America to Scouts BSA [2]. The change did receive some criticism from traditionalists, however, overall it has been well received [2].

Welcome gifts to the new members

Speaking to Fox29, Scoutmasters Jim Walls and Barbara Steinmetz said the boys of troop collectively agreed to dig out $600 from their investment account to purchase 6 new uniforms for the girls [3]. The uniforms are priced at $100 each, and it’s always been one of the reasons why many kids don’t join the scouts when they get a chance to. Without any coercion or persuasion from anyone, the boys dipped into their camping funds to welcome the girls [4]. This was as important as any camping trip they were planning to undertake. Making the girls feel welcome is the first step to forming close bonds with them.


13-year-old scout, Vaughn Ritter made a statement that shows the Scouts BSA has instilled some amazing values in him.

We normally go off of, ‘You do a good turn daily and not get any big return.’ So if you help someone out, you don’t expect to get paid or anything. It’s just like a simple thing,” he said.


The girls are happy that they don’t have to worry about getting uniforms anymore.

“The stuff is not cheap. So we get to start out not having to worry about that also,” said Danielle, a new member of the troop.

Scoutmaster Walls is very proud of his boys. The essence of being a scout is to not just for the physical activity and enjoyable camping trips. The kids who participate in the program are taught values, morals, and principles that make them great citizens and responsible people. They learn selflessness and sacrifice, and this singular act of love proves that the boys in Troop 339 have been properly trained.

Speaking to Delco Times, Walls said, “It’s not giving them the shirts off their back, but it’s giving them the resources so they show up ready for the first meetings [and feel] that they’re part of the organization. We’re so proud of the girls who jumped right into the program. I look at them as pioneers. It’s not easy to be the first sometimes; you stick your neck out to be bold and brave [5].”

Girls who have joined the Scouts BSA nationwide are now allowed to become cub scouts, and would soon be able to proudly wear the badge of the Eagle scouts. The executives of the program believe that this is the most efficient way to let girls and boys all over the country know that they are all in the struggle for self-actualization together.

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