Posted on: July 14, 2016 at 1:46 pm
Last updated: September 13, 2017 at 1:52 pm

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Breathing is a Sacred Practice.

Breath is a divine substance that gifts us with life – Air is the Sacred Breath of Mother Earth, it is divine.

Breath connects you to every other living creature on Earth. It’s a common bond between us all… flowing in and out of our physical bodies, mingling with the breath of other people, animals, plants, etc.

Sacred Breath Practice


You can do your Sacred Breath Practice anywhere; in your sacred space, in nature, while taking a walk, or at your desk. You can outstretch your arms towards the heavens, place your hands in your favorite mudra, rest them on your thighs palms facing up in receptive position or cup them on either side of your belly. Whatever feels good to you in the moment.

Gently close your eyes and place your hands over your diaphragm/belly.

Begin to follow your breath coming in through your nose, down your windpipe and expanding into your belly… noticing the sensations in your body temple as the breath moves.

Fill your lungs and diaphragm deeply… it should feel like your insides are stretching a bit.

Then follow your breath up as it leaves your belly, travels up your windpipe and out your nose or mouth… repeat for 9 rounds of breath.

As you breathe in and out rhythmically and mindfully, give thanks to your breath.

Breathing Is A Sacred Act

Most people take breath for granted, believing it’s empty space, yet it is a substance. You can feel it as wind, it’s always inside, outside and all around you everywhere you are.

We are surrounded and enveloped by the embrace of Divine and Sacred Breath. It rests against our skin and fills our bodies with life.

Taking a breath is the first thing you do to begin life, and releasing breath is the last thing you do before your soul starts it’s journey back to the Source… it doesn’t get much more sacred than that!


Sacred Breath Is Healing3915-Yoga-Breathing-Techniques-For-Weight-Loss

Deep inhalations and exhalations of oxygen cleanses your body temple through your miraculous respiratory system.

Mindfully following the path of your breath into your nose, down to your belly and out calls you into the present moment and helps to activate your Vagus nerve (which has been proven to have many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and calming nerves).

Begin A Sacred Breath Practice


Begin a daily Sacred Breath Practice – in the morning, at night, and on an as needed basis. You will begin to experience miraculous shifts in your Body, Mind and Spirit.

You can keep it simple or make it more formal and elaborate by anointing your third eye with high-quality essential oils, burning incense, lighting a candle, and/or playing music that evokes the Divine within you.


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