Posted on: May 13, 2016 at 11:42 am
Last updated: September 14, 2017 at 4:55 pm

There are lots of reasons to avoid eating burgers. Aside from being heavily processed and high in fat content, many fast food restaurants add questionable ingredients to their ground beef paddies.

However, one recent report revealed shocking information about the makeup of burgers sold not only in fast food joints, but grocery stores as well, that even the harshest burger critic would not have guessed. Among these are both human and rat DNA.

Clear Labs Food Analysis


Yup, you read that right. If you’re eating a burger, there is a chance that you may be consuming either human or rat DNA.

This information was revealed after Clear Labs, a food analytics platform, ran a test of 258 burgers to see exactly what was inside them. The organization found that 13.6% of the burgers analyzed had problems with either ingredient substitution, hygiene, or a contamination of some sort.

Clear Labs analyzed a variety of different types of burgers, including ground meat, frozen patties, fast-food burger products and veggie burger products.

Although the most shocking results of the test by far were the inclusion of rat and human DNA in the burger’s ingredients, which Clear Labs believes to have come from feces and hair particles, these were only found in a small amount of the 258 burger samples.

Researchers found that three burger products contained rat DNA, while human DNA was discovered in one frozen veggie burger that was analyzed.

Although rat and human DNA was found in a bit less than 2% of all the burgers tested (which is still somewhat frightening), researchers found that there was a larger problem in the burger industry regarding contamination and ingredient substitution.

For instance, almost 5% of all of the burger products tested contained some trace of harmful bacteria or virus DNA. More than 6% of the burger products tested revealed some sort of substitution, with products such as chicken, turkey and pork in burgers that were not supposed to contain these ingredients.

One of the more shocking and misleading substitutions that Clear Labs found was that one vegetarian “black bean burger” contained absolutely zero traces of black beans.

The study also revealed that many fast food restaurants lied about the calorie make-up of their burgers. 38 of the 47 fast food burgers that were analyzed had more calories than was listed on their menus, with 12 of these having over 100 calories more than was listed.


Overall, this study just confirmed what many people already knew. Burgers are bad for you, especially the ones from fast food restaurants.


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