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Let’s face it: running 10 kilometers every day will get you tired, sweaty, and maybe cranky. Fortunately, it’s not the only option to lose weight. If you’re looking to get in shape and look great, weight training is what you need.

Weight training is the perfect way to burn fat, get fit, and look great. When it comes to weight training there is no exercise better than the Bulgarian split squat. What follows below is the one exercise you will need to get your abs, legs, and glutes toned. After doing this work out for a few weeks you’re sure to be saying thank goodness its leg day.

It’s Easy


Unlike the Olympic back or front squat, the Bulgarian split squat is designed to be easy and effective. The point of this workout is to strengthen both legs by focusing on them individually, this will allow for maxim rest and maximum effort to be put into each leg during each reputation.


To perform the Bulgarian split squat you will need: One knee high bench, box, platform, or set of stairs. You will also need two dumbbells for additional weight. If you are just starting out, try finding a comfortable weight for yourself, the average range of weight is anywhere from 10 to 60 pounds. Finally, you will need a comfortable pair of running or training shoes.

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How to

To perform the Bulgarian split squat, place your right leg on the elevated surface of choice, next talk two hop step forwards until you back right thigh is parole with the floor.


Holding your two dumbbells (one in each hand) begin to lower yourself by bending your left leg until your left knee has formed a 90 degree angle, hold for a count of 3.

Push your left hell into the floor and extend your left knee until up right.Make sure to keep you abdominal muscles flexed throughout the motion, this will insure your torso remains in the proper upright position.

Allow the dumbbells to hang at your side to add resistance, if you would like more of a challenge place the dumbbells on your shoulders as you squat. Repeat this motion for 8 to 10 repetitions on each leg in sets of 3; take rest periods lasting no more than 2 minutes.



Burn fat much faster:  Running and jogging might work up an excellent sweat, but, if you’re trying to lose weight the best way burn off fat is to build muscle. Bulgarian split squats are a great way to build muscle in an area that look lean instead of bulky. Studies have shown your body will burn up to 70 calories more each day for every additional pound of muscle you gain.

Helps to Tone Your Abs: You might not be doing crunches, but, Bulgarian split squat will have your stomach flat and abs rock hard. Bulgarian split squats require constant core engagement as a full body workout. This means as you target your legs you unknowingly work your abs to their absolute limit.

Improves Knee stability: Unlike other lower body exercise that simply focus on strength and muscle mass gain; the Bulgarian split squat forces your knee ligaments to activate in a way that promotes balance and knee stability. This exercise will actually strengthen the knee as a joint while also stretching its supporting muscles.

Always remember to stay hydrated when improving your body with a great workout. This exercise is sure to give you the best sweat of your life.
For more information on the Bulgarian split squat visit Fitness Republic.

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