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Getting rid of the fat that surrounds our belly is something that many people across the world try to do, and they usually end up failing. This is because there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of burning fat that are sold to unknowing consumers by “health and fitness” companies that are just trying to make money.

How To Burn Belly Fat Properly


Doing a thousand crunches a day on some gimmicky workout device and starving yourself because a $100 diet program told you to isn’t the key to burning belly fat. In fact, when you go to these extreme lengths in terms of exercise and dieting, you are more likely to gain fat than burn it.


This is why I’m going to tell you how to burn belly fat without efficiently without having to kill yourself in the gym or in the kitchen.

Drink More Water

One of the simplest ways that you can burn belly fat is by loading up on water as frequently as possible. Several results from both long-term and short-term studies have concluded that drinking excess amounts of water have a significant impact on weight loss in that they reduce both the weight and fat content of people who stay hydrated.

One study published in the scientific journal “Obesity” stated that “increases in drinking water were associated with significant loss of body weight and fat over time, independent of covariates.”

Reduce Stress

Stress contributes to weight gain due to the hormone that it releases inside the body, called cortisol. The body’s production of this hormone increases during periods of stress, and has been proven to contribute to a variety of factors that cause weight gain.

Increased levels of cortisol cause your insulin to spike and your blood sugar to drop, making you crave fatty, sugary “comfort foods” rather than healthy ones that may not taste as good. If you want to try out some breathing exercises that have been shown to reduce stress, click here.

Buy Smaller Cookware

This includes plates, bowls, pans, pots and anything else that you will be putting food in before it gets to your mouth. This is a common technique used to help with portion control, and the logic still holds up. With smaller plates, the portions of food that you are eating will seem bigger, tricking your mind into thinking that you are eating more than you actually are.

On the other hand, eating off of larger cookware makes you feel as if you are eating less than you actually are. This can lead to weight gain caused by eating unintentionally large portions of food.

Eat More Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Loading up on fatty acids may seem contradictory when trying to lose weight, however various studies have proven that it is beneficial. One Australian study took 75 overweight and obese people and split them into groups. Half of them were given tuna fish oil (which is rich in omega 3’s) while the other half were not. Aside from that, there was no difference in their diets.

By the end of the three-week study, researchers found that individuals who were given the fish oil lost, on average, five pounds more than their counterparts who weren’t given it. It is believed that omega 3‘s help improve blood flow and stimulates the transport of fat cells so that they can be used up for energy instead of stored in the body.

You can get your omega 3’s by taking fish oil supplements, or from the various food sources that it can be found in. This includes tuna, salmon, tofu, eggs and walnuts.

For more information on how you can effectively burn belly fat, click here.



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