Posted on: June 27, 2018 at 3:08 pm
Last updated: July 6, 2018 at 8:14 am

While there’s undoubtedly so much joy that comes with having a newborn baby, it is not unusual for new moms and dads to feel overwhelmed with feelings of stress and frustration.

These unpleasant feelings usually come as a result of the newborn crying all through the night, and sometimes frequently throughout the day. New parents are quite often left with the roaring question: “how do you make it stop!?”

Meet Daniel Eisenman. He is an author and motivational speaker residing in Southern California with his wife Diana and their precious baby girl Divina. You can check out his Facebook page here!

Divina, who was a newborn at the time, was lying on her father’s chest while he was taking a Facebook live video. Divina then started to cry which resulted in Daniel chanting a resounding ‘Ommmm’ at her. To everyone’s surprise, Divina’s crying immediately stopped.


Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst

The video quickly went viral, and to date, it has amassed over 41 million views. Check it out here!


So what was Daniel’s secret? He explains that the sound had worked on Divina, who was one month old at the time because he and his friends had chanted to her when she was in in the womb.

“Friends would come over, and we would chant to the belly. Even during the birthing, we were playing Thai Buddhist Monk chanting – beautiful track.”

Daniel tells TODAY, “I don’t see crying as a bad thing, when my grandma was in human form she cried easier than anyone I ever met. There was energy and emotion. She was courageous enough to let that flow through her. She was courageous enough to express herself.”

When asking how he managed to stay calm when his daughter started crying during his live video, he stated: “I learned to let go of pressure and performance in work, parenting, and life.”

More Science-Based Techniques to Calm a Crying Baby (and why they work)

Did you know that the first three months of life are also known as the fourth trimester? While some babies make the womb to the world transition more quickly and easily, some do not.

However, many of the ways that parents can try to ease this transition and calm down their babies are by recreating the same comforting and familiar experiences they had during their time in utero.


Here Are 3 Simple Steps You Can Do To Recreate The Utero Experience:

1. Recreate Movement

The womb is a continuously moving space! The stillness of lying in a motionless crib can drive a baby crazy. Rhythmic and energetic motion has an almost hypnotic effect.

Automatic swings, bouncy seats, bumpy car rides, rocking, or walking with your baby are all very soothing. Wearing your baby in a sling also gives them the feeling of motion as you go about your daily tasks. (1)

2. Recreate Familiar Sounds

Sounds similar to those rhythmic sounds heard in the womb can be very calming for babies. A loud, shh (or in Daniel’s case, an Ommmm) is music to baby’s ears. It mimics the whooshing sound of your blood flow that your baby heard in the womb.

This is also why many parents find that the humming “white noise” of a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer works to stop their baby’s cries. White noise offers constant surrounding sounds while also slowing brainwave frequencies. (1)


3. Recreate Shape of Uterus 

Wrapping your baby like a little burrito satisfies their longing for the tight fit of your uterus. Swaddling also controls jerky, reflexive movements that can lead to crying.

Swaddling a baby at night can help them sleep longer, but please make sure they don’t get overheated by checking that their neck and ears aren’t sweaty. (1)

Final Note

A baby’s first days out in the world are a rude awakening. Life is entirely different from the snug, aquatic environment of your uterus. Crying is the only means through which your baby can communicate with you.

Leaving babies to cry increases their stress levels and does not guide them emotionally toward the goal of regulating their distress and response. The simple secret is to replicate the womb environment, so go ahead and give it a try! (1) (4)

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