Posted on: May 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm
Last updated: September 22, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Energy drinks have been become popular among most teenagers and young adults.

They seem to be the perfect solution to late-night study crams with college students as well as a way to let loose and party after exams by mixing them with alcohol.

This could be the reason why energy drinks have outnumbered bottled water sales in the United States.

Energy Drinks Dominate the Market

The popular brand Red Bull states that their energy drink is the same as drinking a cup of coffee, but researchers say otherwise.

You may get the same results by drinking either, seeing increased reaction speed and alertness, but the amount of chemicals added to energy drinks is the drink’s downfall.


“No less than 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull were sold last year in 143 countries. Yet, questions regarding the safety of Red Bull, as well as other energy drinks, keep cropping up at regular intervals when yet another overzealous energy-addict keels over,” says Dr. Mercola.

After One Hour of Drinking Red Bull

After only an hour of drinking Red Bull, your blood becomes sticky and could lead to blood clots. Doctors have noted abnormal blood systems after consuming energy drinks similar to those suffering cardiovascular diseases.

You’ll also have the same lethargic effect as drinking soda and may find yourself craving another in no time, resulting in a vicious cycle of unhealthy consumption.

Harvard Law School tested a can of Red Bull and found the energy drink contains 110 calories and 27 grams of sugar. It also contains glucose and sucrose, all of which are a sure fire way to gain weight.

The most harmful ingredient in Red Bull is aspartame, which has shown metabolic, neurotoxic, allergenic, and carcinogenic properties.

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And the effects of energy drinks mixed with alcohol aren’t even known yet. The International Journal of General Medicine published a report in 2012 stated that long-term effects of mixing these drinks needs further investigation.

The Health Risks of Drinking Red Bull

The health risks of drinking energy are so high, that some countries have banned Red Bull from their shelves.

Norway, Denmark, and Uruguay have all banned the popular energy drink and Kuwait has made the consumption of Red Bull illegal for anyone under the age of 16.


Every can of Red Bull increases the chance of:

– Chronic fatigue syndrome

– Caffeine sensitivity

– High stress

– Anxiety

– High blood pressure

– Blood clotting disorders


– Cardiovascular disease

– Stroke

– Obesity

Natural Ways to Boost Energy

There are many natural ways a person can boost their energy without the harmful chemicals found in Red Bull. By eating more omega 3 fats and eliminating sugars and grains from your diet, you can provide your body with long-lasting energy.

Exercising regularly will reduce stress and keep your body energized as well.

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