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Its glossy, round-edged leaves and bright red berries are on abundant display at higher elevations throughout the Northeast United States. But the wintergreen plant (Gaultheria Procumbens) is good for a whole lot more than just adding that iconic minty flavor to chewing gum and mints…

Science shows that the balmy tincture of essential oil from wintergreen might just be the ticket to a cancer-free future when used appropriately as a natural healing medicine.

Similar in composition to the essential oil of birch, wintergreen has long had a place in the medicine cabinets, so to speak, of indigenous communities – including Native American Indians who used it to naturally treat respiratory infections. When mixed with a carrier oil and applied topically, wintergreen is also an excellent analgesic, aiding in the relief of headaches, joint pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, and more.


Composed primarily of methyl salicylate, wintergreen essential oil acts much like cortisone in that it both anesthetizes painful areas and improves blood circulation. But the oil has also been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors, as demonstrated in a 1938 study review published in the American Journal of Cancer Research.

Researchers from Yale University found that consumption of wintergreen at appropriate doses through diet helped mice overcome tumor growths. Retrogressive changes in necrotic tissue, pyknotic nuclei, and the connective tissue of tumors were observed in animal models, whereby some of the animals treated experienced a complete regression of their tumors. (Warning: Excessive internal consumption of wintergreen can be dangerous. Be sure to consult a qualified physician prior to attempting any treatment.)

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Wintergreen Can Help Thwart Cancer Development


Wintergreen essential oil is also a powerful diuretic, stimulating various organs in the body to flush out toxins. One of these organs is the kidneys, which are prompted to filter more water and thus produce more urine in the presence of wintergreen. This in effect helps to protect against cancers of both the bladder and kidneys.

Toxin buildup is a major contributor to cancer, which makes wintergreen a potentially effective, anti-cancer cleansing agent. It’s also a powerful stimulant that promotes the release of bile and other body fluids from the liver, gall bladder, and adrenal glands, in effect boosting circulation, lymphatic function, digestion, and excretion.

What the American Botanical Society Has to Say About Wintergreen:

“Oil of wintergreen … has anti-inflammatory properties and is closely related to the well-known medication aspirin. Wintergreen and the oil of wintergreen are used in topical pain relievers and products that produce a feeling of warmth for muscle and rheumatic pain. Oil of wintergreen has also been used for the treatment of cellulitis, a bacterial infection accompanied by inflammation of the skin.”


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