We read and hear a lot about cancer these days, yet many misconceptions remain.

For one, we often tend to think of getting cancer as something that is essentially beyond our control. Genetics, environmental factors, and blind luck determine our fate.

And while those are all contributing factors, we often overlook the one that is entirely under our control – diet. Just as eating too many hamburgers can cause heart disease, eating poorly can also cause cancer. Or, more optimistically, eating the right foods can help prevent it.

5 Cancer Preventing Foods

1. Grapes

Red grapes contain resveratrol, which naturally protects against tumor growth. How exactly it does that is pretty science-y, but all you need to know is that it inhibits CoX-2 growth, which is linked to cancers. So having a few red grapes every day is a good call.

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2. Sea Vegetables

Think nori, hijiki, wakame, arame, kombu and kelp. They are packed with a unique combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which together lower your risk of developing cancer. In particular, they are great for preventing breast cancer, because of their effects on estrogen secretion.

3. Spirulina and Chlorella

Research out of South Korea has found that carotenoids, which are in spirulina and chlorella, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Similarly, chlorophyll has been shown to neutralize environmental pollutants and toxins. Plus, it carries oxygen to cells, which prevents cancer from thriving.

4. Hemp

Hemp oil can significantly raise your melatonin levels, which has been shown to slow, stop, and even treat cancer cells. In fact, it has even been shown to prolong the lives of people living with untreatable cancers.

5. Turmeric

No cancer-fighting list would be complete without the inclusion of turmeric. Despite being a powerful antioxidant and having been shown to help in the prevention of a variety of diseases, many of us still don’t eat enough.

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