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Ayurvedic medicine has long hailed castor oil for it’s powerful healing properties. Variations of castor oil are available to suit different purposes. Natural ‘yellow’ castor oil is typically used in Ayurvedic practices.


I personally love Extra Dark Thick Black Jamaican Castor Oil as there’s nothing else quite like it.

As the name suggests, it’s a thick, rich oil with an earthy smell. One of the most popular hair regrowth and thickening products, work it into your hair before wrapping your head in a heated towel to stimulate hair growth. Due to its thick consistency, you may need to mix it with a carrier oil to ease application.

Massaged gently into the lash line, it promotes thicker, fuller and stronger eyelash growth.

Extra Dark Black Jamaican Castor Oil can have darkening effects on hair, so it’s recommended to do a strand test or use ‘yellow’ castor oil for lighter hair types.

The best time to apply castor oil is at night to support your body’s natural healing process during sleep. 

Castor oil bath:

Add a castor oil pack or 1-2 cups of castor oil into warm-hot water. The heat will aid the healing process. 

Immerse your entire body, including your hair.



  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves digestion and the elimination process
  • Relieves pain including headaches
  • Neutralizes skin conditions such as acne and dry skin
  • Strengthens, repairs and conditions hair
  • Helps fade scars and dissipate stretch marks
  • Stimulates and supports detoxing
  • Supports the organs

Castor oil oral drops can also be taken to utilize its properties from the inside out.

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