Posted on: March 2, 2017 at 10:01 am
Last updated: November 2, 2017 at 10:07 am

Thanks to our friends at Expand Your Consciousness for sharing this story with us! 

According to the Dodo: “Everything about Valentino suggested people not give him the one thing he needed more than anything: human contact. The cat’s hardened fur was riddled with grime. He suffered from sarcoptic mange, a condition that’s highly contagious to both cats and humans. His eyes were so caked and swollen, they were sealed shut. And Elaine Seamans didn’t care. While passing by his cage at the Baldwin Park animal shelter last week, she heard his faint cry for help.”

Having heard his meow for help, Seamans knew she had to do something to assist Valentino. She told The Dodo:

“He reached out with his little paw and made the tiniest meow. It was like he was screaming without verbalizing it: ‘Please help me’… There are times when it’s not an option to keep walking. You just have to stop. This was one of those times.”


Without wearing gloves, Seamans reached into the cage and held the kitty directly to her heart. As soon as he pressed his head to her shoulder, she knew he was getting the help he needed. She recalls,

“When I picked him up, he put his little head on my shoulder. That was it. I had to get him out.”

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After contacting Toby Wisneski from Leave No Paws Behind, arrangements were made to transport Valentino to the veterinarian so he could receive medical attention. His story was only shared a few days ago, but in that time, a lot has happened.

After being admitted to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, Valentino was diagnosed with low glucose levels, infections, dehydration, and gastrointestinal problems along with sarcoptic mange.  Fortunately, other activists were just as affected by the sweet cat’s story as Seamans was, and donations poured in to support his healing journey.


According to the Leave No Paws Behind, the cat has improved tremendously since he was placed in 24-hour care. The organization wrote on its website:

“His glucose levels remain stable and great along with his appetite – so over all, they tell me he is doing FABULOUSLY! He is so sweet and his little personality is starting to shine through!”

Remember this story when you feel like the world is a daunting, awful place. There are plenty of good people who are inspired to “be the change” they want to see in the world, and Valentino is but one of many creatures who has benefited from the collective compassion.



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