Cauliflower, am I right?

If you’re like me, you might have particularly distinctive memories of your parents or grandparents cooking this vegetable in the worst possible way.

If you’re one of those unlucky children who were forever scarred by the smell of boiled cauliflower, trust me, you’re not alone and we all understand how you might cringe every time a friend recommends it.

But I say it’s time we vanish that horrible association from our minds.

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Why? Well, because nutritionally, cauliflower is considered to be a superfood due to its high mineral and vitamin content at the amazing cost having a low calorie payload.

And placed in the right chef’s hands, it can also be quite tasty. Yes, I hate to admit it, but my last the cauliflower meal was, dare I say, quite tasty as it was healthy.

But before we go into how to cook it, you need to know why you should cook it.

4 Reasons You Want to Eat Cauliflower

  1. It Feeds Your Brain

Or to be more precise, it’s loaded with choline, which is proven to help your brain increase its memory functions, absorb new information efficiently, and increases your brain’s nerve transmissions.

  1. It Can Strengthen Your Bones

No, it’s not loaded with calcium. But it’s loaded with vitamin K. This amazing vitamin helps your bones improve their health by increasing the amount of calcium they absorb on a daily basis. They can also improve your urine by reducing the calcium residue it tends to have.

  1. It Reduces Inflammation

It’s vitamin K to the rescue again. How? Because it’s an amazing at blocking oversensitive inflammatory responses in your body without being too dangerous.

  1. It Can Help Your Heart

Both its vitamin K and omega-3 contents are pretty good at reducing the damage caused by overtaxing your cardiovascular system as you exercise.

Find out other amazing benefits and recipes at the Science of Eating.


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