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Living a more simple life helps you become the best version of yourself because you aren’t worrying about materialistic or unimportant things. You’ll learn to be happy with less- and it has nothing to do with not being able to afford things, but rather being able to understand that you don’t need those things. A lot of celebrities, despite their income and fame, believe that living a more simplistic lifestyle is the best way to live.

10 Celebrities Who Chose a Life of Simplicity

1. Mark Zuckerberg

facebook ceo

Mark, the founder of Facebook, is a billionaire who chooses to wear casual clothing as opposed to expensive name brand suits. He doesn’t want to waste time on buying clothing, but rather spends time on helping his community grow, “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community”. (1) 

2. Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar, the founder of IKEA, has been living the simple lifestyle for many years. Despite the fact that he can afford the best of the best, he chooses to fly economy, and he buys inexpensive products and clothing, he once said, “nobody ever got rich by wasting money.” He believes being wise with your finances is important and helps you stay happy and grounded. (1) (8)


3. Boris Johnson

riding bicycle

Boris, the former mayor of London, and currently the minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, also chooses to live a simple life as he rides a bike to work instead of being driven by a driver. He believes it’s a better alternative to driving and he encourages other to do the same. (2)

4. Jennifer Garner


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Jennifer, a movie actress, also lives a simple life. She buys things for her and her children at local stores just like any other American would, despite her financial income. (7) “My mother is a big believer in being responsible for your own happiness. She always talked about finding joy in small moments and insisted that we stop and take in the beauty of an ordinary day. When I stop the car to make my kids really see a sunset, I hear my mother’s voice and smile,” -Jennifer Garner. (9)

5. Steve Jobs

Steve, the founder of Apple, believed in the minimalistic lifestyle, both in his professional life and in his personal life, “I remember going into Steve’s house and he had almost no furniture in it. He just had a picture of Einstein, whom he admired greatly, and he had a Tiffany lamp and a chair and a bed. He just didn’t believe in having lots of things around but he was incredibly careful in what he selected,” -John Sculley (3) 

6. Tyra Banks

trya banks

Tyra, a world renowned model, is known for her money management skills. She believes that living a simple life is a happy life, “I’m frugal. I’ve always been this way. When I was young, my mom would give me my allowance, and I’d peel off a little each week and have some to spare.” (4) 

7. Russell Crowe


Russell, a famous actor, opted out of living in a huge mansion with fancy cars and instead lives on a ranch with horses and his jeep, “There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free.” (7) (10)

8. Hayden Christensen

Hayden, a former actor, moved back to his home country, Canada, at the age of 35 and now lives on a farm with his family and grows his own vegetables. He believed in order to live a happy life, he had to get away from his lavish Hollywood life. (5)

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold, a famous actor worldwide, was also known for his bodybuilding career and as the governor of California. He is a kindhearted person and genuinely wants to help his community grow, “I didn’t leave bodybuilding until I felt that I had gone as far as I could go. It will be the same with my film career. When I feel the time is right, I will then consider public service. I feel that the highest honor comes from serving people and your country.” (7) (11)

10. Keanu Reeves



Keanu believes in living the simplistic lifestyle, he doesn’t have a lavish mansion with lavish cars. He has a few motorcycles but he often takes public transit just like any other person would. (6)

Of course, at the end of the day, these celebrities probably spend more money than the average person, but comparing these celebrities with other celebrities, they can be seen as more laid back and definitely more frugal with their money because they know that materialistic things don’t last forever.

Tips on How to Live a Simpler Life

  • Have a regular daily routine – without a routine, your day could start to get hectic and out of control and this could set the mood for your entire day. Instead, plan how you usually want your mornings and evenings to go, the simpler the better.
  • Get rid of any clutter in your house – throw away things you know you will never use. If you haven’t used it in the last 365 days, out it goes!
  • Limit the hours spent on electronics, whether that’s your phone or laptop. Instead, read books or play cards.
  • Create a budget for yourself and try to use cash more often – using cash limits the use of credit cards.
  • Clean up as you go – often times people say “I’ll do it later” and never end up doing it.
  • Get rid of the negative things in your life such as a toxic friendship, or even telling a family member you need some space – negativity can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. If you can cut it out of your life then do it because there’s no room for that.
  • Don’t overcommit yourself  (or your kids!). Learn to appreciate downtime with your family.
  • Live generously. You’d be surprised how easy it is to be grateful for what you have when you’re willing to share it all with someone in need.
  • Spend more time outside. Nature is free! Try going for a hike or a bike ride with the kids or a romantic walk as a date. It’s a great way to get away from the commotion of a consumerist culture.
  • Get to know your neighborhood. See if you can replace products you usually get it big chain superstores with local sources. Visit your farmer’s market, local butcher, and local florists.
  • Try to visit your friends and family in real life as much as possible. Face to face time ends up being much more valuable than messaging back and forth.

Those who have mastered the art of living a simple life are truly happy both inside and out.

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