Posted on: May 23, 2020 at 9:01 am
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If anyone thought that guy who built an elaborate tiny restaurant for the squirrels in his neighborhood was over-the-top, wait until they see the full-fledged tiny chicken coop town this guy built for his wife’s chickens, complete with hotels, cafes, and even a jailhouse for miscreants [1].


The man’s wife owns a flock of chickens and she’s always wanted a suitable coop to house them all. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was a straight-up town that could pass for a down-sized human dwelling. Photos of the medieval-era mini coop town were shared on Facebook by a woman named Colleen Thermos

We are used to people going over-the-top to make the most elaborate abodes for their pets dogs and cats, like this guy who built floor-to-ceiling towers for his pet felines. Chickens, on the other hand? Not so much. This guy’s wife must dearly cherish her birds if he went to such extreme lengths to make them comfortable. 


If this coop town was scaled to a size suitable for humans, the villagers would have every facility down to the last detail because the builder simply thought EVERYTHING through. The aesthetics of each structure is so incredible that I can’t seem to choose my favorite spot yet. 

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The Chicken Coop Town even has a plaza

There’s a one-story “beauty salon” available in town, with white curtains at the windows, and a detailed price list out front. Clients at the “Saloon Girls” have to pay in egg currency, where 1 hour goes for 1 egg, 1 day goes for 6 eggs, and a week of their esteemed services goes for 12 eggs. There’s even a lamp hanging outside in case “business” runs late into the night. Wow!

chicken coop town

The next stop is the watering station called the Rooster Ridge, made of a wooden tank with a pipe that runs onto a bowl at the bottom. 

chicken coop town

Then there’s the Ivery Stables with a carving of a haystack in front. Of course, there are no horses, but which town in the middle ages didn’t have a horse stable? The builder wasn’t leaving any box unchecked, so that cute red building had to be included. 

chicken coop town

Perhaps the most mind-blowing thing is blacksmith’s corner, complete with a few workbenches and shiny metal-working accessories. With a huge “Blacksmith” sign hanging above a zinc metal placebo, this has to be the most hilarious spot in town. Quick question – who’s going to be working there?

chicken coop town

Then there’s the most beautiful part of town – the plaza/complex that houses the bed-and-breakfast, the hotel, the café, and the mercantile. This is a one-story structure divided into six apartments, painted in bright green, yellow, and blue colors. The highlights of this structure, for me, are the adorable curtains. The lovely tapestries tied to the sides across every window would certainly get you smiling.

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chicken coop town

Lastly, there’s a menacing jail smack in the middle of town for anyone who decides to constitute a nuisance. The photo of the chicken behind bars outside the jailhouse would certainly have the others thinking twice about pooping indiscriminately.

chicken coop town

This project is absolutely amazing and must have cost a great deal of time and money. No details are available about the building plan, but it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and people online are inspired. The Facebook post immediately went viral and has since been liked 17,000 times and shared 229K times. It’s no wonder why.

While it’s nowhere near a full-fledged coop town, this free plan should help get you started on erecting your own unique poultry structures. If you’re not a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ and are actually interested in purchasing one Amazon even sells them. 

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