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Meditation has been easing the mind and body’s pain for ages. In fact, it is used all across the world for a ton of different reasons: meditation calms tense muscles, releases the mind from daily pressures, and allows you to center yourself and recharge.

But meditation is not just for the traditionalists or religious. Meditating puts your mind in a comfortable place, a step away from reality where you can exist without worry or fear. Meditation is known to help with high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety, but it can help with more.

Ease Your Pain – Ease Your Mind


When you suffer from chronic pain, you feel as if there are no answers. Medication can help, but it never fully puts your mind at rest. Instead of high-cost meds pumped out by money-driven conglomerates, why not find relief in meditation?

Even if you’ve never meditated before, it’s easy. Find a quiet spot, lay down a mat, and free your mind – here are 3 chronic pain disorders that can be helped with meditation:

1. Back Pain

Meditation is an inexpensive, non-invasive method that doesn’t need any special equipment and you can learn easily. Studies show that mindful meditation changes the way you experience the suffering associated with back pain.

A 2005 study at the Duke University Medical Center found that people with chronic back pain showed great improvements in pain and in psychological distress after meditating. If you’ve got chronic back pain, make yourself comfortable before and free your mind – the pain and anger will evaporate from your mind and you’ll think more soundly and clearly.

2. Migraines

Meditation (and other relaxation techniques) have been found to help with migraine sufferers. Jan Lewis Brandes, MD and assistant clinical professor of neurology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, has seen migraine patients benefit from meditation.

“People who have anxiety that triggers migraine can use meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to avoid an attack. It can give them an edge that medication can’t.”

The pain can still be strong, and meditation is not a migraine cure-all, but it has helped migraine sufferers cope better, sleep better, and be less anxious and depressed. Stress is always in our lives, so stress-management through meditation should be an ongoing effort.


3. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia brings pain throughout your entire system. It often comes with sleeplessness, fatigue, forgetfulness, and irritability. It disrupts your life on a day-to-day basis, and there seems to be no answers. But studies show that mindfulness meditation can help.

A 2007 study at the University of Basel Hospital in Switzerland shows that mindfulness-based stress reduction (yoga, deep-breathing, and meditation) help fibromyalgia patients greatly. Meditation helps cope with pain, anxiety, and depression by opening the mind’s understanding and acceptance. A 3-year follow-up found that patients who continued meditation kept seeing the benefits.

Release Your Brain – Release Your Pain


Stress exists. We all feel its pangs, maybe not daily, but often enough that we recognize it. Chronic pain can add to stress, and is a stressor that can be managed easily at home.

Simply free your mind to free your body.



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