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Natural spray cleaners are easy to mix and cost pennies to make compared to their commercial toxic counterpart.

Listed below are three quick and easy recipes.

Remember to try a small amount to be sure that you  do not have any negative reactions to a product

Recipe #1

2Tbsp. Liquid soap

4 cups water

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32 ounce spray bottle

Add water and liquid soap to a 32 ounce bottle. Tighten cap. Gently shake to mix. Be sure to label.

Spray, wipe and rinse.

Recipe #2

30-60 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
4 cups water
32 ounce spray bottle.

Add water and GSE to a 32 ounce bottle. Tighten cap. Gently shake to mix. Be sure to label.

Spray and wipe.

Recipe #3

1-2 ounces Everclear Vodka
30-31 ounces of water
32 ounce spray bottle

Add everclear to bottle, fill with water. Tighten cap. Gently shake to mix.  Be sure to label.

Spray and wipe.

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